If you are not in yet in Union with your Twin Flame or Specific Person, then up until this very moment, what you have been doing has not been working. There is one very important and vital piece of the journey that you have not yet integrated into your belief system and this is why up until now, you have remained stuck and stagnant. You are either caught in the loop of having the same disheartening events occur over and over, or this person has departed your life entirely or just shows up every now and then, only to leave once more.

I have been where you are now and I trekked through this journey and every aspect of it, all the way through to Union. The love you feel for them goes beyond any rational explanation and reasoning to the point where you may feel like you’re “going crazy”. You are not losing your mind, you are losing your human conditioning and you have come here to learn that you create your reality and to learn that you can have every thing you desire. Please utilize this website to finally get yourself to where you wish to be with your Twin Flame, Soul Mate or Specific Person.

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-Liz H.
Top Twin Flame Coach