Why Do I Keep Seeing 11:11?

11:11 is the Universal code for Awakening and Ascension. It means As Within, So Without or As Above, So Below. There are two 1’s on the inside, and two on the out side, as well as two 1’s on the right, and two on the left. Whatever you are experiencing, thinking, and feeling  within, will be perfectly reflected to you in your outer circumstances.

The ONLY way to Twin Flame Union is to first manifest the Union within yourself. You must first reach unconditional love and happiness inside of yourself, in order for your outer circumstances to reflect that back to you through your physical Twin Flame Union. You cannot attain Union if you believe in separation, lack, and “running”, for if you believe in those things, the Universe will prove them to be true for you in not only your Twin Flame situation, but your entire life in general.

There is no such thing as lack in this Universe, and this is the lesson your Twin Flame is attempting to teach you. You will be put through the ringer if you hold negative lack beliefs, and it won’t be until you can change your beliefs about the reality you live in that Union will be within reach for you. Change your thoughts and feelings within, in order to change your outer circumstances. As within, so without. 11:11.

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Probably one of the first major signs you will notice regarding synchronicities within the Twin Flame experience is the 11:11 phenomenon. It will appear everywhere you look, the ways it can and will pop up into your view are infinite. This is the moment where your Higher Self/soul begins to take the wheel. You can from this point forward wave goodbye to your structured, conditioned, ego based way of thinking. That way of life has no room here.

First and foremost, 11:11 is your souls wake-up call. It activates your DNA, which was programmed to wake up at a specific time in this life. This is your first inclination that something much bigger is at work within the world we live, and just the fact that you know exactly when to turn your head to see this number sequence is proof of this.

I know how tough Awakening and Ascension can be, I processed through it alone and within that journey I learned exactly how to get to Union with my own Twin Flame. I not only have gotten myself there, but I have also coached others into their harmonious Twin Flame Union as well. No psychic reading or gateway portal will get you any closer to Union, there is a reason none of that has ever worked. To get a copy of the guide and finally get yourself into Union, go here.

Your Higher Self/Soul

Your Higher Self knows all, and sees all. It sees the past, present, and future simultaneously, and this is because time is not linear as we were taught to see it. Every possible infinite reality exists at once. Your Higher Self always knows the best possible route to get you to where you want to go. You can think of it as a satellite that orbits your life and sees everything from a birds eye view from the moment you’re born to the moment you leave this Earth.

You best get acquainted with this information because your Higher Self will become your best friend throughout this entire journey if you allow it. This is how you know when to turn your head at the exact moment to see a synchronicity, be it either 11:11 or a different number pattern.

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Your Higher Self and Soul have taken the wheel. It will be there to guide you through this entire process, and you must trust it. If you fight it, you will notice the amount of synchs you see every day double and triple, there is no escaping this. Your soul has a plan, and you chose it. Once you notice 11:11 and acknowledge the fact that you keep seeing it, this give a green light to your High Self that your mind is cooperating with the numeric language of the Universe.

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