A woman came to me asking how she can manifest a new car for herself. Her old car was a 1998 Nissan Maxima with broken headlights, she wanted a new car badly. I told her to picture herself in a new car, it didn’t even matter what kind of new car, just any new car. “I want a Prius!” She demanded. I said okay sure, picture yourself in a new Prius, enjoying the crap out of it.
“I can’t buy new! I need a used car that’s all I can afford. Maybe a first generation Prius. I can’t afford more than $150 a month in car payments.” Followed by “I hate loans and loan sharks, I hate filling out paperwork, all I want to do is sign for it!” I asked her why she is limiting herself, why doesn’t she deserve a new car? Why doesn’t she deserve the MONEY for a new car? And why all the blocks aka FEARS?! Stop focusing on what you don’t want! This got her thinking. I told her just visualize a brand new Prius, the worst than can happen is that it doesn’t happen. She agreed.
The next day she got a note on her wind shield of the Maxima for an offer to buy it. It was a low offer, but of course I was EXCITED for her! The universe HEARD THE REQUEST. It gave PROOF. She was upset, and said “see I told you this wouldn’t work” and threw the note away. The next week she got another note, in a different parking lot. “Ok this is weird” she said. I said this is PROOF roll with it! She was not having it, and the next day she walked out to her tire being flat. She was not happy, to the point where she thinks she cursed herself (lol), This was a Friday. On Sunday she walked out to have her tire fixed and her car had been towed.
She was DISTRAUGHT, but what did I do? Those who know me, know that I said “don’t worry, you are only attaching a NEGATIVE STORY. That’s why you’re upset, higher self DISAGREES with this view. Keep your vibes high, everything is always working out for you and this happened for a reason. If the story you were attaching were true, you would feel good, NOT bad”
She was about done with me lol. But I kept the faith, I knew better. I just waited for the good news. I don’t let “negative views” effect me anymore, I just smile through the supposed “shit storm”. I told her the BEST thing to do right in the moment is to not pay attention to what’s happening. Picture ONLY your desired end result, aka sitting in your BRAND NEW Prius. Nothing else. Remain unmoved. She followed suit and listened to my advice.

I got a call a week later. Her dad got a massive bonus from his work. He was taking her to buy a brand spankin’ new Prius, he was paying for half of it and allowing her to pay him $100 a month for the rest of the car. And he was MORE than happy to do it, she didn’t ask him, HE came to HER. She shifted into a timeline of least resistance just by not LETTING SHIT BOTHER HER. Her timeline shift included her dad being in amazing financial standing to help her with this car, and she did nothing but keep her vibrations high. She didn’t ask or beg or plead or BARGAIN for a new car. It fell into her lap. No loans, no loan sharks, ALL SHE HAD TO DO WAS SIGN FOR IT.

Do you see what I’m getting at here? STOP LETTING CIRCUMSTANCES AFFECT YOUR HAPPINESS. Keep pushing THROUGH them. You don’t know how HOW you will receive. Just keep the faith and let NOTHING move your vibration.

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