I’ve gotten a few messages today with similar questions, both here and on my website so I’m going to address this:

Example: You WANT a relationship with a specific person (be it your Twin Flame or otherwise). You want the whole thing, all the good stuff. Which means, your END RESULT is the relationship. What does that include? If you’re like most people, it’s the USUAL things that entail BEING in a relationship with that person, which INCLUDE the road TO the relationship. So here then you have two options: You can try and manifest and create every step, OR you can just live in the desired end result (the relationship) and let life surprise you with the unfolding of events. I always say to live in the DESIRED end result, nothing else. However, if you wish to practice your manifesting skills with things such a texts, phone calls, etc I say go for it. BUT. Here’s the kicker with trying to manifest “the middle”, if you keep fudging it up and you don’t see the texts/calls/meetings as often or as quickly as you’d like, you’re going to lose the faith and everything will turn against you.

Here’s what you need to realize, when you live in the desired end result ONLY, those texts, emails etc ARE PART OF THE PACKAGE. All of that awesome middle ground is included and you don’t have to do shit except feel awesome knowing you’re going to get this sweet relationship. I’m going to use another car example; You get in your car and you know where you’re going, you have your destination in mind, so all you do is follow that path. You DONT sit there and try to create traffic lights, stop signs, the lines on the road. They’re obviously part of the journey there, so why would you try and create something that will fall into place for you anyway??

Examples of blocks in desired relationships that AREN’T Your problem:
You live far apart
One or both of you is married
One or both of you have children
You have an age gap
You have differing religions
NONE of this shit matters if you just keep your end goal in mind. None of the other BS matters of why it “Can’t” happen. Because there is NOTHING the universe can’t handle. See what I’m getting at here? You have to understand that once you set your intention, once you create a vision for yourself, IT MUST COME. There is no loophole. Your imagination is there for a reason, use it!

If you’re feeling defeated, faithless, emotionally exhausted, ANYTHING other than excited, you’re going the wrong way. You should be able to think about your end result, and be STOKED. You get the feeling of “YES that’s mine I’m so excited!” When you feel this way, YOURE on the way. When you feel anything other than Good, stop and ask yourself why. Most likely you are a)focused too much on what IS and b) you’re too focused on trying to make the path happen, on trying to create the “middle”. The middle isn’t your job. The making it happen is not your issue. Your ONLY goal is think of THE goal and reside there in happiness.

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