The NUMBER ONE sign your desire/manifestation is on its way: BLOCKS and RESISTANCE from the Universe. And it still gets me almost every time! This week I set out to get 5 things; as of last night, nothing! No sign of them. Last night I “gave up” on them. I stopped wanting them. And they aren’t really even “big” things, just things I wanted sooner rather than later.
-I wanted new boots. I checked online and they were $80 and that was on sale (ugh). More than what I wanted to pay but I said fine. Sold out! And sold out on 2 other sites as well. I searched stores too..none of the ones I wanted!
-Next I wanted new clothes for my little one. I hate paying an arm and a leg for kids clothes because they grow out of them so fast. So Target had a sale and I was ready to shell out at least $40+ bucks for about 6 pieces. Her sizes all sold out! Really?!
-Then I wanted this new book. I went to Barnes and Noble and they only had hard cover left for over $ thanks! Tried checking online used was about $10 but long ship times. I prefer actual books to ebooks but I was about to just buy one anyway.

Now as of last night I still had none of these and I was annoyed. So I said whatever I’m over it, I don’t even want these anymore! Keyword here: WANT. I had ALL BUT GIVEN UP.

Today, I went to the mall. I walked into a used bookstore to buy a book for a friends kid. Something led me down an isle and there is my book! Hardcover, brand new condition for $5!

Then I got lost in the mall. I walked past a children’s store going out of business. Got at least 20 articles of clothing for under $40!

Then I walked into JC Penney to get new clothes for work. There’s my boots for $39!!! Plus the cashier gave me a 30% off coupon so I got them for $28.

So within 14 hours I got 3/5 things I stated that I desired. As soon as you release a desire out to the Universe, the path is paved, and it is the BEST POSSIBLE PATH to those things. The path of least resistance. Had I acquired all of those things on MY terms, I would have spent tons of money, plus had to wait on shipping times etc. When you are running into resistance to the things you desire, it’s because you are going the WRONG WAY. You are not being patient, and you are not ALLOWING the Universe to deliver in its own time. Your time slot for what you desire is created the second you put out there what you want. STOP WANTING IT SO BAD. Let it go. ALLOW it to come to you when you least expect it, while you’re busy doing other things and not WORRYING about where this shit is. Let it go, “give up” on it.

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  1. Hahahaha, amen! I am looking for a new place to live (my income is not all that big) and I have come to an emotional and mental setpoint of “feck it, I am willing to trust that something will pop up” and lo and behold, I got contacted today completely unexpected and out of the blue.

    All I did was set up an ad online and expressed what I desired clearly and worked on calming myself energetically thru healings.

    We can only ever attract that which we are a vibrational match for. Fear and unhealthy attachment (which has its roots in a lack of faith) is what keeps us separate from that which we wish and desire.

    Whenever we feel we need something badly that is when the universe rips that very thing away from us or blocks it. Seems like a cruel joke at first, but it is for our highest and greatest good.

    Bless you fine woman 🙂

    (current status: not fully reunited with TF, but in the process of purging what needs to be let go of and leaving the rest up to the universe while I work on myself and count my blessings so-to-speak).

    My situation is not ideal, but I am grateful nonetheless.

    Only met TF recently. I am single and he is married with children.

    Can’t wait to reunite. So excited. Want to have a blast with my TF. Thank god for telepathy. I have had some beautiful energetic occurrences which I am grateful for.

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