What you are most likely encountering here is a Karmic Soulmate. These types of connections are meant to teach some sort of a lesson, and then they will disappear out of your life. Things will be very intense between the two of you for a short while, then things will either blow up or fizzle out, and this person will disappear from your life while you are left to decipher the lessons that they came to teach you. These connections also carry synchronicities and can also trigger a Spiritual Awakening as you are left there trying to figure out what exactly happened.

Twin Flames will experience the running and chasing dynamic, however it never lasts long and it is always divinely guided and set up pre-incarnation. I have personally never seen a Twin pair have zero contact for a massive amount of time as this would defeat the whole purpose of meeting your Twin. You are meant to grow along side each other, yet also individually. The whole point of meeting your Twin Flame is to come into Union after significant personal and spiritual growth in order to assist humanity in entering a new Paradigm of Unconditional Love. The end result of meeting your Twin is always the same; which is full physical Union.

Both Twins needs to experience both sides of the connection (the running and the chasing), so in order to get your Twin to stop their running, you will need to take over. You need to pull your own energy back (your Twin WILL feel this) and have complete faith in knowing that your Union is the end result of this connection. The only reason you are chasing is because you believe in some sort of lack and you are afraid that if you let go, everything will be lost and the connection with die out. This is a lesson within itself as you CANNOT lose a Twin connection, and as soon as you come to terms with this you will stop chasing which will activate your Twin to come towards you.

The reason both Twins need to experience both sides of the connection is because the whole Twin dynamic is based upon the Yin and Yang symbolism. The darkness and the light. The illusion of separation and the truth of Oneness. Just as you have to manifest your Union and become whole within yourself, you Twin needs to do the same thing, and how else would they be able to learn this if your soul wouldn’t push them to grow, just as they are doing for you? Become whole, stop “needing” this connection to become fulfilled and pull back your energy instead of flooding the connection constantly. Allowing your Twin to have breathing room and see what it’s like to not have you will activate the change in the running/chasing dynamic.

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