Personalized Twin Flame Reading

Personalized Twin Flame Reading

I know many, many of you have requested 30 minute and 1 hour Twin Flame Readings and I am making my way down the waitlist! A big thank you to all those who are waiting  I promise to get to each and every one of you.

In the meantime, right now I’m going to offer $25 Mini Readings for all of you that need individual guidance on your unique Twin Flame or Soul Mate situation. The personalized reading can be done either through Facebook Messenger or through email. Add me Liz Henderson on messenger if you haven’t already or if you prefer email you can reach me at

This is if you have a few specific questions regarding your Twin, how your Twin is feeling, or what to do next. I can also confirm if this is in fact your True Twin or a different type of heart-centered connection. 

Mini Reading


Common Questions Such As:
-How does my Twin Flame feel about me?
-Is Union possible in this lifetime?
-Is this my Twin Flame?
-How long until my Twin Flame returns to me?
-Will my Twin Flame ever Awaken?

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