It is a common misconception to believe that we must put in a lot time and physical effort in order to achieve Union with our Twin Flame. We were raised to believe that in order to experience big results, we must work hard and exert ourselves physically; and this is one of the main causes of failure in reaching Union with your Twin Flame.

You may have come to realize that texting, e-mailing, calling, and attempting to do really anything physically in order to reach your Twin Flame is met with massive resistance on their part. This is because you are meant to learn that you can not manipulate anything in physically in your reality in order to get to your desired end result.

The only thing you must do is set your intention of experiencing Union, and you do this is by resting your vibration in the desired Manifested State. You simply assume it is done, without concerning yourself how it will happen and suspend all arguments of your three-dimensional mind. Assume that you are NOW that which you wish to be without rearing your head and looking back at the state of separation you were just in. Your Twin Flame IS Awakened and waiting for you.

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I want you to read that last paragraph again, as this is the key to Union. You do not have to put in any sort of physical effort in order to draw Union in. You simply go within and completely ignore, or shut out, all of your current physical circumstances regardless of how things currently appear.

It does not matter how long you have gone without contact, or how “bad” things seem, you have the complete power and capacity to turn everything around in your favor.

You need only one thing, and that is the desire that you feel for your Twin. You then rest your vibration in that desire, make sure it feels good and that you then accept that desire as truth. You place the desire for the “future” event of Union as a present fact. This signals to the Universe that you are now a vibrational match to your desire and you open the door to allow Union to flow it.

Doors will open where previously there was only a brick wall. You dissolve your wall of resistance and allow the flow of Union to enter in to your reality, you draw it in.

You need to do nothing physically; you do not need to call, text, email, or reach out to your Twin Flame in anyway, you simply cross the natural bridge of events that the Universe lays out for you and then enter the physical State of Union, which then matches your inner State of Union. As within, So without. The two will ALWAYS match.

By doing this, you are now detached in consciousness from your former state, which is that of separation from your Twin, and have now entered the conscious state of togetherness. You remain completely unbothered by your current physical circumstances, as they are only a reflection of your past inner state and you completely assume you are now the person you wish to be, and you don’t worry about how Union will come about, the how is not your concern. All responsibility to make it to Union is withdrawn from you.

The only job that you have is to “place your order”, and you do this by feeling now in this moment the way you would feel if Union was already yours. You are holding a mirror which is reflecting itself back to you through your physical circumstances without any effort needed on your part. All you must do is inwardly remain 100% faithful to your assumption.

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