Doubt, or uncertainty is the number one reason why you will remain in physical separation with your Twin Flame. This is because you vibrationally KNOW what your desire is, which in most cases is full physical Union, yet you continue to come up with thoughts and ideas of why it isn’t here yet, or why it just can’t come.

It is extremely important to recognize your lack beliefs and doubts that you are holding regarding coming into Union, because if you don’t know what they are, then you will never be able to flip these lacking thoughts into positive affirmations.

To do this, say to yourself “I am so excited to be in Union with my Twin Flame”, and if you don’t believe Union is happening now, please see my post You ARE In UNION With Your Twin Flame.

Watch very carefully and see the reasons your mind comes up with of why Union simply is possible or isn’t happening at this point in time. These will feel like little constricted thoughts that directly block the positive energy flow to your desired Union.

For an immediate guide to Union and overcoming these blocks, see my Complete Guide to Twin Flame Union. Your desired Union is 100% attainable and the only reason it hasn’t happened yet is because you believe more in the reasons of why it can’t come.

Once you start pin pointing these “reasons”, you can begin to start dislodging these thoughts that create significant lag time in getting in to Union with your Twin Flame. You must unmix your frequency in order to get to where you wish to be. You cannot consistently desire Union, yet at the same time harbor doubts on why it just isn’t possible for you.

If you ever believe something you want isn’t possible, you will be presented with feelings that are terrible and feel out of alignment. This is because anything is possible. If you have access to think and conjure a desire, the version of reality where this desire exists is already here and waiting for you to shift into it.

If you feel something isn’t possible for you, your emotional guidance system will be triggered with thoughts of sadness, anger, and lack, this is because your inner self is disagreeing with your lack beliefs, as there is no such thing as lack in this Universe.

If you truly desire Union, you must become absolutely doubtless that Union is possible for you. Anything you could ever want is already yours, and the first sign of you being able to receive it is the fact that you are already receiving the desire and the corresponding feelings. 

Once you become confident in your Union, it will flow right into your reality.

“You have to find a way of thinking the thought that gives you relief before the things around you can change. You have to begin telling a new story. You have to tell the story the way you want it to be before the story of your life will actualize around the story the way you want it to be.” – Abraham-Hicks

For a complete Guide to Union please see my written eGuide on how exactly Union works. Rest assured, if you have met your Twin Flame in this lifetime, this is your time to Unite together in love. There is no such thing as “we met too soon, maybe in the next lifetime”; when you align with thoughts like these, you are not only selling yourself short, but you are delaying your Union.

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