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If you have familiarized yourself with this site, you have come to find out that attaining Union with your Twin Flame is not as difficult as many paint it to be. When I personally realized that what I was experiencing was a Twin Flame connection, I immediately started reading articles on the internet, only to become horrified at how impossible coming in to full physical Union seemed.

Almost every article that I read talked about the seemingly eternal running and chasing. I read countless websites stating that Union was not going to happen in this lifetime, and/or that Twins were simply not meant to be together. It was devastating and the more I bought into it, the more miserable I became.

Until I finally began to wake up, and realized that I was not powerless in this Universe, in fact, I held the majority of the power and I had the full capacity to steer myself right in to Union, and that’s exactly what I did. Now I am going to share with you the 3 steps that I took to get myself into permanent physical Union with my Twin Flame.

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Firstly, understand that this moment in time, right here right now is all that matters. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year, now. And what ever you are feeling now in this moment, is what your future will look like. Read that last part again if you need to. If you are feeling the lack of your Twin Flame not being with you right now in the moment, you are painting the picture for more lack of your Twin Flame tomorrow. And the next day, and the next day.

Understand that your Union with your Twin Flame is already a done deal. It is already here and waiting for you to shift your attention to see it. The only reason it is still hidden from you, or in other words unrealized, is because you have not consciously acknowledged it being here yet.

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Your reality will only ever reflect back to you what you are conscious of and if you are still conscious of the lack and separation, then that is what you will continue to experience.

The definition of duality means that there are two sides to EVERYTHING. It is either here, or not here, but both exist equally and you have the free will to choose the version you wish to experience. It will either be hidden, or it will be in plain sight, and if you affirm to yourself that Union is here, it will be shown to you for you to experience.

Since you contain EVERYTHING, and all possible versions of your reality are all actually simultaneously existing and “real”, you therefore already have everything you desire or could ever desire. You contain it all!   You have already been given everything you could ever hope to have or want.   It’s just that it may not be “visible” (and therefore “real”) to you.

Creation all exists Here-Now, outside time, in one eternal-Now moment.  Therefore, everything that you believe you might “someday” get, you actually already have!  Everything is here now, but in varying states of visibility/invisibility – depending on the frequencies on which you are vibrating, which depends on the beliefs that you accept as “real”.

When you “pray” for something, you do not need to pray to get something you do not already have, since it’s already right there in front of you.  Instead, you are actually praying to be able to see that you actually already have it.   Because…..when you can see that you already have it, then your vibration frequency-matches the vibration of that which you desire.

And once you frequency-match with that which you desire, then it has to manifest in your reality!  Everything is energy.  You can not help but then get that reality, because that’s the physics of how the universe works.   When you match-frequencies with what you desire, you will then see that it has always been “right here”, just waiting for you to notice it and start enjoying it.

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Define Union. What would Union look like and feel like to you? You obviously have an idea, otherwise you wouldn’t know that you want it in the first place. Why do you want it? What feeling are you going for? Define it, name it, imagine it. What does Union mean to you and how would it look like?


Own it. It is yours, do not conjure ways or reasons of why this is not possible for you. Do not notice the “blocks” (age, karmic partners, religion, distance, etc). You do not allow yourself to mentally dwell there. You simply own the vision in Step One, you own that definition. What you stirred up in Step One is now owned by you, it is yours, it has always been yours and this is evident in the fact that you had access to it in the first place. Your vision is the first proof of your physical manifestation. You now leave your frequency tuned to that vision and those feelings. You will know that you are aligned with Union when you feel feelings of love, bliss, excitement, and even relief.


Stay in that vibration. You do not abandon this vision, regardless of your current physical circumstances. This vision is your horse, and ride it right into the kingdom, you do not get off the horse because “it isn’t here yet”. Allow the Universe to set up all necessary components for you to enjoy this reality with your 5 senses. Your job is done, the rest is up to Creation and it already has a way to get you there. You do nothing physically except enjoy the vision of Union. And again, most important part is that you do not deviate from your vision, you remain completely 100% faithful to your Union despite how things may seem on the outside for a short while. You must become doubtless in your Union. The physical mind is not designed to know HOW something will manifest, or what it will look like when it does manifest. But you can use it to decide what you want.

Follow these steps and you WILL get to your desired Twin Flame Union.
For a complete Guide to Union please see my written eGuide on how exactly Union works. Rest assured, if you have met your Twin Flame in this lifetime, this is your time to Unite together in love. There is no such thing as “we met too soon, maybe in the next lifetime”; when you align with thoughts like these, you are not only selling yourself short, but you are delaying your Union.

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