Brace Yourself!

There is going to be a super new moon in Leo on August 11, in an 11 year as 2018 adds up to 11. August is month 8 and 8 is the number of infinity. This will be an intense time for us all! This will happen the same day as a partial solar eclipse (which happens when the moon partially covers the sun as they pass each other in orbit). AND the Perseid meteor shower is happening that night as well.

All of this also happens while Mercury is still in retrograde. This weeks spiritual floodgates were opened during the August 8th Lions Gate, which triggered and activated our Third Eye.

What Does This New Moon And Eclipse Mean For Twins?

This moon is happening very close to Earth, which classifies it as a “Super Moon”, and it is occurring in the intense and outgoing sign of Leo. During this new moon, you will feel a very strong urge to immerse yourself in self-love and get in touch with what makes YOU happy. It will be a super charged new moon. This awakening lunar event reignites passion and transformation, that helps us hone our authentic truth and step into the spotlight.

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And what happens when you let go of all the perceived obstacles in life and stop focusing on things that don’t make your heart sing? You attract all of the amazing things to yourself that you have been wishing to experience! This will be especially felt in your heart chakra – across your entire chest and emanating throughout your body. And since you will be vibrating at such an amazing level of self acceptance and love, you will become a magnet to attract exactly what you are emanating! 

Now is the time to dream in colorful visions of what you wish to experience with your Twin Flame, because what you dream up in your imagination is the precursor of what you are attracting to yourself in the physical! Dream big, because these powerful moon beams are conspiring to bring you exactly what you are projecting.

Leo is an open-hearted fire sign that knows no bounds – hidden feelings and emotions have no room in this astrological event, everything is being brought up to the surface and put on display. All “hidden” feelings will come bubbling up and set free, the veil will be lifted. Leo also rules children and the inner child – and children say it how it is! Be prepared to be surprised, you could finally hear everything your ears have been waiting for!

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Set your intentions!

Use these powerful energetic shifts to your advantage and begin to plant the seeds of your Union. There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to activate your Union with your Twin Flame. The Universe is giving you all of the powerful tools you need in order to come into alignment with what you wish to experience and while this astrological weather is intense and even a little emotional, it is perfect to draw in exactly what you want now. New moons give off a vibe that makes you want to do something different, close old chapters and open new ones, and move towards the future in a positive way.

According to astrologer Linda Furiate, August’s partial solar eclipse could signify new beginnings: “An eclipse, whether total or partial, may often suddenly bring to light ideas, thoughts or opportunities that allow us to spring forward more quickly than normal. An event or situation we now experience may feel more fated during the time of an eclipse, offering a more spiritual connection as we move on our intended or desired path.”

Remember these energies will be felt for at least two weeks after the actual events in the sky above, so you have time to really plant these seeds of intentions.

As always please remember that you are in control here! Use these amazing energies and astrological weather to manifest your Union consciously.

For a complete Guide to Union please see my written eGuide on how exactly Union works. Rest assured, if you have met your Twin Flame in this lifetime, this is your time to Unite together in love. There is no such thing as “we met too soon, maybe in the next lifetime”; when you align with thoughts like these, you are not only selling yourself short, but you are delaying your Union.

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