Have you wondered why you just can’t seem to make it in to Union? Whether this person your Twin Flame, Soul Mate, or other heart centered connection, sometimes it can seem as if NO progress is being made. There is a way you can begin to start changing your direction into Union.

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Find the FEELING PLACE of what you want, and stop beating the drum of NOT HAVING IT YET. Everything you HAVE, was first a vibration of having it, every single thing. And everything you DON’T HAVE was also first a vibration of not having it.

You can not call in a positive experience, then counteract it with a negative thought and then expect something positive to come from it.

You call it in; Then you prevent it.

“+ I want Union! – But it’s not here yet.”

“+ I want my Twin to love me! – But they don’t show me that they love me.”

“+ I want my Twin to communicate with me more! -But they don’t communicate with me enough.”

Your attention to what you DO NOT WANT keeps you in resistance. If you have contradictory vibrations, you have a contradictory reality that matches you. You are such avid observers of WHAT IS.

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Somebody has convinced you that the reality of WHAT IS (as in what you’re observing right now) is what actually matters but what you are observing with your 5 senses right now is OLD NEWS.

But if you keep FOCUSING on what is (aka not being in Union yet) talking about it, writing about it, talking to your friends or ANYBODY about it, as you keep talking about WHAT IS, you just hold yourself there. You just keep regurgitating THE SAME Reality over and over.

You’re talking about the problem, instead of the solution. You blog about the problem, not the solution. You read on the internet about the PROBLEM (Twin Flame runners and separation etc) INSTEAD OF THE SOLUTION.

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There is no LOGICAL reason why the things you want most dont come to you other than YOU preventing them from coming with your mix matched thoughts, words, and feelings.

You feel great one day and do the work and stay positive and then day 2 rolls around and you’re back to square one because Union didn’t come over night. If can just believe and ALLOW the Universe just a little bit of time to rearrange people and things to GET YOU TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE, you would be there quicker than you ever thought possible.

Do you understand that the output that you are observing from your Twin is a direct RESPONSE to YOUR vibrational output? They are RESPONDING to YOU. If you can stop allowing other people and outside circumstances to move you around like a chess piece for just a few days, and live only in the happiness of KNOWING that Union with your beloved Twin Flame is yours and on it’s way, you will be shot so far down your path to Union that you won’t even know where time went.

You should really be asking yourselves why you don’t believe your Union is attainable, and then clear those negative resistant beliefs so you can move forward. Guys if I can make it to Union, there is no reason you can’t either.

My Twin and I faced every “obstacle” known to man-kind, and that’s why I sit here and spend my time trying to SHOW you that your UNION is here and waiting for you to align with it. The only reason separation exists is because you keep fueling that fire.



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