If anyone has ever told you that you are not meant to experience physical Union with your Twin Flame, then they are wrong. If you’ve been told that Union is meant to be “only in 5D in this lifetime”, then you have been innocently lied to. And what’s worse is that you are making them right by believing their words.

There are two parts to you: your physical body and your consciousness. Your physical body is the obvious aspect of yourself and comes equipped with your 5 senses and is rooted to the dense 3-dimensional world. To travel, it takes some sort of physical effort to move, even if it’s just an inch. What ever your body experiences, is the direct effect of your consciousness. Your consciousness is the cause, and your body is the effect.

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Your consciousness is the voice and feeling within you (your imagination), it is multidimensional and can travel anywhere, at any time. You are traveling within your consciousness most of your waking time, be it either to a past experience or a future event. You can test this by laying down and or being still and picturing your self anywhere but where you are right now in this moment.

Try right now to picture yourself with your Twin, spending what ever time you wish wherever in the world you please. After you do this, you have now successfully experienced this scenario consciously; you have accessed that state. While your physical body still remains where you left it, your consciousness has traveled instantly to experience what you accessed within yourself.

Your consciousness came equipped within you here to this physical world as direct access to the 5th dimension, which is the dimension where everything is occurring all at once and manifestations are instantaneous, there is no lag time. In the 5D, you instantly process through the sequence of events needed in order to obtain your wish.

Since your consciousness is within your physical body at this time, you still have direct access to experience whichever physical scenario you wish, and here in the 3D things are slowed down and we go through a sequence of events with our physical bodies in order to experience that which we just imagined within us. The process is slower, however it is still the same. We experience the illusion of time through the sequence of events that we progress through in order to reach our end result, which is our manifestation.

The only difference between the 3D and the 5D, is the lag of being where you are now to being where you want to be physically. Consciously, you still have the full capacity to instantly experience whatever you wish, and this in turn instantly triggers the sequence of events to get you to the end result as efficiently as possible. As soon as you conjure a thought and travel with your consciousness to that scenario, everything is already set in place for you to experience exactly that which you just imagined.

The Universe, God, Higher power, which ever name you decide to attach to it would never “with hold” anything from your physical experience. If you can access the imaginal act, your body can experience it. Your conscious thoughts are what direct your body through the experiences you see every day. Your consciousness acts as a magnet and draws in whatever you need in order to experience physically your predominant thoughts.

And here is where we like to get caught up with our 5 senses; we believe that whatever we are observing and experiencing now is absolute hard fact and that we have no control over anything or anyone, which is entirely the opposite of the truth. Everything you see around you has been placed there BY you by your predominant thoughts that you create with your imaginal acts.

Did you know that even if you haven’t spoken to your Twin in ages, if they’re married, if you live far apart, whatever it may be, that by simply traveling with your consciousness directly to your desired end result (whatever Union looks like to you) that you have just instantly created a chain reaction of events that will lead you exactly where you just projected yourself to be? But we as humans like to be distracted by our current circumstances, which are only simply past projections.

By ignoring completely what you are experiencing around you now, and living only in the knowing that you have already created your Union and that it must now materialize for you, you are on your way there. Ask not how or when, as the Universe has already assigned people and circumstances to carry you into your desired Union, remain simply confident in your own creation.

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