Affirming Your Union


Did you know that you affirm things to yourself, almost every moment of every day?

Most of us, in every moment in time, are either projecting our future, be it good or bad, or we are reliving something from a past experience. And if you are thinking about it, you are then inviting more of that into your life. That is how you create your immediate reality, simply by the thoughts that you think.

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If you feel like you are stuck, it is because you keep affirming the same things to yourself over and over, which then in turn invites the same situations in to your life over and over.

Your Twin Flame continues to “run” because that is the reality that you keep projecting and affirming to yourself. You keep “noticing” that your Twin Flame is not around, you keep thinking about it, talking about it, and reading about it, and this in turn is like affirming to the Universe, “I want more running, more separation and more absence of my Twin.”

You are living in ONE of infinite parallel realities, and you are able to shift in and out of realities whenever you’d like, in fact you are doing this millions of times a day. And the important thing to remember is that each reality is completely unrelated to the reality you just stepped out of. The only reason it appears to remain the same is because YOU remain the same within. You keep projecting the same old situations over and over so in turn your reality will project the same situations over and over. CHANGE your expectations of what you will experience in order to CHANGE what you will experience.

The first step to doing this is to AFFIRM new things to yourself about how your future will play out. Stop EXPECTING running and separation and affirm the opposite instead, this way you are clearly and efficiently displaying to the Universe what you wish to see happen instead, and it will do everything in its power to then deliver these new situations to you instead.

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