Personalized Twin Flame Reading

Personalized Twin Flame Reading

I know many, many of you have requested 30 minute and 1 hour Twin Flame Readings and I am making my way down the waitlist! A big thank you to all those who are waiting  I promise to get to each and every one of you.

In the meantime, right now I’m going to offer $25 Mini Readings for all of you that need individual guidance on your unique Twin Flame or Soul Mate situation. The personalized reading can be done either through Facebook Messenger or through email. Add me Liz Henderson on messenger if you haven’t already or if you prefer email you can reach me at

This is if you have a few specific questions regarding your Twin, how your Twin is feeling, or what to do next. I can also confirm if this is in fact your True Twin or a different type of heart-centered connection. 

Mini Reading


Common Questions Such As:
-How does my Twin Flame feel about me?
-Is Union possible in this lifetime?
-Is this my Twin Flame?
-How long until my Twin Flame returns to me?
-Will my Twin Flame ever Awaken?

How Long Will My Twin Flame Run?


What you are most likely encountering here is a Karmic Soulmate. These types of connections are meant to teach some sort of a lesson, and then they will disappear out of your life. Things will be very intense between the two of you for a short while, then things will either blow up or fizzle out, and this person will disappear from your life while you are left to decipher the lessons that they came to teach you. These connections also carry synchronicities and can also trigger a Spiritual Awakening as you are left there trying to figure out what exactly happened.

Twin Flames will experience the running and chasing dynamic, however it never lasts long and it is always divinely guided and set up pre-incarnation. I have personally never seen a Twin pair have zero contact for a massive amount of time as this would defeat the whole purpose of meeting your Twin. You are meant to grow along side each other, yet also individually. The whole point of meeting your Twin Flame is to come into Union after significant personal and spiritual growth in order to assist humanity in entering a new Paradigm of Unconditional Love. The end result of meeting your Twin is always the same; which is full physical Union.

Both Twins needs to experience both sides of the connection (the running and the chasing), so in order to get your Twin to stop their running, you will need to take over. You need to pull your own energy back (your Twin WILL feel this) and have complete faith in knowing that your Union is the end result of this connection. The only reason you are chasing is because you believe in some sort of lack and you are afraid that if you let go, everything will be lost and the connection with die out. This is a lesson within itself as you CANNOT lose a Twin connection, and as soon as you come to terms with this you will stop chasing which will activate your Twin to come towards you.

The reason both Twins need to experience both sides of the connection is because the whole Twin dynamic is based upon the Yin and Yang symbolism. The darkness and the light. The illusion of separation and the truth of Oneness. Just as you have to manifest your Union and become whole within yourself, you Twin needs to do the same thing, and how else would they be able to learn this if your soul wouldn’t push them to grow, just as they are doing for you? Become whole, stop “needing” this connection to become fulfilled and pull back your energy instead of flooding the connection constantly. Allowing your Twin to have breathing room and see what it’s like to not have you will activate the change in the running/chasing dynamic.

The Path To Union EXPLAINED


As long as you think you’ll be happier somewhere other than where you are now, you won’t be able to get to where you want to be. When you’re happy being “here,” you will find yourself “over there” with your Twin Flame.

I will say that again…if you’re not happy RIGHT NOW, in this moment right where you are, you will NOT go OVER THERE to your Twin. If you’re not oozing the loving and excited energy about BEING with your Twin, you are not a vibrational match to Union.

Unconditional means without conditions. You are happy without the CONDITIONS first, so that way you can then experience the conditions which you will then be a vibrational match to. BE happy and excited and blissful and feel loving about being in a physical relationship with your Twin Flame now, because this is like saying “Hey Universe, You see this happiness and excitement I’m embodying and displaying right now? You feel this? This right here is what I wish to experience in my reality! Right here THIS awesome state of love bliss energy. “

Then the Universe, with its ONE and ONLY universal answer to anything and everything says “YES! I will be right back! Let me now go ahead and rearrange people and places and circumstances so that I CAN DELIVER YOU YOUR UNION. Please hold on to this love-bliss state of being for just a little bit while I get everything in order for you so I can deliver you your Union on a silver platter!”

But then….then the test comes. Day 2 rolls around and you are still NOTICING the same as you noticed yesterday…the ABSENCE of Union. The ABSENCE of your Twin. The LACK BELIEFS float up.


If you could just remain unconditionally happy and excited for a little while longer without giving up and stomping off and throwing your fists…then….then you will be swimming in Union. That’s when the good stuff gets delivered to you. That’s when you have CLEARLY and EFFICIENTLY said no thank you to your old, outdated lack beliefs REGARDLESS of what is happening around you because YOU KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that since you THOUGHT IT AND FELT IT, aka you placed your order with the Universe, that UNION IS COMING.

If you guys can just BE excited and happy for your Union, without being constantly knocked off your trail of excitement, if you could put as much energy in as constantly observing the LACK and therefor cycling the illusion of lack over and over, and instead put that energy into being unconditionally happy NOW and letting the Universe do it’s JOB, do you know how fast Union will come? You guys allow the Universe to do it’s job by WITHHOLDING Union from yourself by noticing the lack of being there, why not just try something new now? Why not try something that you haven’t done before? Why not just STAY unconditionally EXCITED that UNION is yours with your Twin Flame? Why let your outer circumstances control you while the Universe is out gathering up Union, when you can just place your order and then happily go on with your life while you wait for this awesomeness to come to you?

If you can’t BE unconditionally happy and excited and filled with love by the THOUGHT of Union and remaining in this state without being moved, then the lack of what you keep observing will continue on in its cycle of more LACK of it being there. If you are still noticing the absence, you will keep being met with absence. If you can conjure up the thoughts and emotions of UNION and STAY there until it gets delivered and just ride that wave of awesome events that lead you there, you are golden. BE in Union now so Union can BE in your reality.

CD296D48-2DB1-4F5F-9AF3-07A9314756E9 For a complete Guide to Union please see my written eGuide on how exactly Union works. Rest assured, if you have met your Twin Flame in this lifetime, this is your time to Unite together in love. There is no such thing as “we met too soon, maybe in the next lifetime”; when you align with thoughts like these, you are not only selling yourself short, but you are delaying your Union.


image_c5d79a74-a03d-4657-92fa-2781039124cc_1024x1024@2xOr for a complete step by step instructions on how to Manifest a Relationship With a Specific Person, click here Everything in this Guide is what I use to personally coach my clients to get to where they want to be with their specific person. You can use the Law of Attraction to manifest a love relationship with a specific person; There is no limit to what you can create in this life, and you have the complete power and capacity to attract a relationship with the person of your choosing. There is a simple way to move from separation with the love of your life and into the relationship that you so much desire. Stop giving away your power to outer circumstances and gain control over your reality.




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What do you see? What did you see at first glance? Did you see a black cup, or did you see the 2 white facial profiles? Take a moment to study the picture, switch views back and forth between the two images.

Here you will notice two things: The first one being, that it is impossible to focus on both at once. You focus your consciousness on EITHER the cup OR the faces, however it is impossible to see BOTH.

The second thing you will notice is: one cannot exist without the other. The cup cannot exist without the faces and vise versa. They must BOTH exist at the same time, therefor giving you the choice to FOCUS on the one you want, while ACCEPTING that the other co-exists. They cannot exist without the other.

Here you can apply the dark to the negative aspects of your Twin Flame journey and the light to the positive aspects. It is YOUR CHOICE which aspect you choose to focus your consciousness on, both Union and non-Union exist simultaneously, so where do you want to place your focus and attention? As stated, you can NOT place your focus on one aspect, and then expect to experience the opposite. Where you place your conscious attention, is the aspect that you will experience. BOTH aspects will exist, the contrast will ALWAYS be there, HOWEVER; the ONLY reason the contrast exists is because ONE CAN NOT EXIST WITHOUT THE OTHER. The loving, blissful relationship that you wish to experience CAN NOT exist without the contrasted opposite. That is why you have chosen to experience life on Earth, to have a CHOICE in what you wish to experience. If both aspects did not exist, you would be dating everybody, eating everything, living everywhere, you would be poor and rich at the same time, life would make NO SENSE.


If you focus on the aspect that your Twin puts you second, doesn’t want anything to do with you, is closed off and ignores you, THEN WELCOME TO THE DARK, you have made your conscious decision in what you wish to experience.



Guided Affirmations!

Well you guys asked me for a guide on Affirmations to get to Union, so I did it! It is a 100% guaranteed method if you can commit yourself to this, and if you stay committed you WILL see your situation make a complete turn around in your favor. You are doing this every single day, thousands of times a day anyway, now it’s time to do it in a way that benefits you!

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My Guide To Union Is Ready!

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I know how difficult the Twin Flame journey can be. I know how the frustrations can seem endless. I know the feeling of wanting to consult everyone and everything outside of myself just to finally get some answers! At the time my desired Union seemed so far out of reach and impossible that everyday I told myself I was giving up. But as we all know, there is no just “giving up” in a Twin Flame connection!

That’s why I put this easy to understand Guide together. There is a reason why nothing else has worked yet, there is a reason WHY you can feel your Twins love for you deep within your being, but from the outside perspective nothing changes. You are not wrong about the way your Twin feels about you, that they love you, because they do! And they want nothing more than to be with you, and all you have to do is come in to alignment with this version of your Twin Flame.

If you are ready for a change, if you are ready to end the running, chasing, and separation, if you are done spending hundreds of dollars of psychic readings, then this guide is for you. It is the way I got not only myself into Union, but others that I have coached into Union as well. Do yourself a favor and make the change today, your Twin is waiting for you with open arms, and all you have to do is Align with Love.

Signs You Are Getting Close

The NUMBER ONE sign your desire/manifestation is on its way: BLOCKS and RESISTANCE from the Universe. And it still gets me almost every time! This week I set out to get 5 things; as of last night, nothing! No sign of them. Last night I “gave up” on them. I stopped wanting them. And they aren’t really even “big” things, just things I wanted sooner rather than later.
-I wanted new boots. I checked online and they were $80 and that was on sale (ugh). More than what I wanted to pay but I said fine. Sold out! And sold out on 2 other sites as well. I searched stores too..none of the ones I wanted!
-Next I wanted new clothes for my little one. I hate paying an arm and a leg for kids clothes because they grow out of them so fast. So Target had a sale and I was ready to shell out at least $40+ bucks for about 6 pieces. Her sizes all sold out! Really?!
-Then I wanted this new book. I went to Barnes and Noble and they only had hard cover left for over $ thanks! Tried checking online used was about $10 but long ship times. I prefer actual books to ebooks but I was about to just buy one anyway.

Now as of last night I still had none of these and I was annoyed. So I said whatever I’m over it, I don’t even want these anymore! Keyword here: WANT. I had ALL BUT GIVEN UP.

Today, I went to the mall. I walked into a used bookstore to buy a book for a friends kid. Something led me down an isle and there is my book! Hardcover, brand new condition for $5!

Then I got lost in the mall. I walked past a children’s store going out of business. Got at least 20 articles of clothing for under $40!

Then I walked into JC Penney to get new clothes for work. There’s my boots for $39!!! Plus the cashier gave me a 30% off coupon so I got them for $28.

So within 14 hours I got 3/5 things I stated that I desired. As soon as you release a desire out to the Universe, the path is paved, and it is the BEST POSSIBLE PATH to those things. The path of least resistance. Had I acquired all of those things on MY terms, I would have spent tons of money, plus had to wait on shipping times etc. When you are running into resistance to the things you desire, it’s because you are going the WRONG WAY. You are not being patient, and you are not ALLOWING the Universe to deliver in its own time. Your time slot for what you desire is created the second you put out there what you want. STOP WANTING IT SO BAD. Let it go. ALLOW it to come to you when you least expect it, while you’re busy doing other things and not WORRYING about where this shit is. Let it go, “give up” on it.

If You’re Still Questioning The Universe…

A woman came to me asking how she can manifest a new car for herself. Her old car was a 1998 Nissan Maxima with broken headlights, she wanted a new car badly. I told her to picture herself in a new car, it didn’t even matter what kind of new car, just any new car. “I want a Prius!” She demanded. I said okay sure, picture yourself in a new Prius, enjoying the crap out of it.
“I can’t buy new! I need a used car that’s all I can afford. Maybe a first generation Prius. I can’t afford more than $150 a month in car payments.” Followed by “I hate loans and loan sharks, I hate filling out paperwork, all I want to do is sign for it!” I asked her why she is limiting herself, why doesn’t she deserve a new car? Why doesn’t she deserve the MONEY for a new car? And why all the blocks aka FEARS?! Stop focusing on what you don’t want! This got her thinking. I told her just visualize a brand new Prius, the worst than can happen is that it doesn’t happen. She agreed.
The next day she got a note on her wind shield of the Maxima for an offer to buy it. It was a low offer, but of course I was EXCITED for her! The universe HEARD THE REQUEST. It gave PROOF. She was upset, and said “see I told you this wouldn’t work” and threw the note away. The next week she got another note, in a different parking lot. “Ok this is weird” she said. I said this is PROOF roll with it! She was not having it, and the next day she walked out to her tire being flat. She was not happy, to the point where she thinks she cursed herself (lol), This was a Friday. On Sunday she walked out to have her tire fixed and her car had been towed.
She was DISTRAUGHT, but what did I do? Those who know me, know that I said “don’t worry, you are only attaching a NEGATIVE STORY. That’s why you’re upset, higher self DISAGREES with this view. Keep your vibes high, everything is always working out for you and this happened for a reason. If the story you were attaching were true, you would feel good, NOT bad”
She was about done with me lol. But I kept the faith, I knew better. I just waited for the good news. I don’t let “negative views” effect me anymore, I just smile through the supposed “shit storm”. I told her the BEST thing to do right in the moment is to not pay attention to what’s happening. Picture ONLY your desired end result, aka sitting in your BRAND NEW Prius. Nothing else. Remain unmoved. She followed suit and listened to my advice.

I got a call a week later. Her dad got a massive bonus from his work. He was taking her to buy a brand spankin’ new Prius, he was paying for half of it and allowing her to pay him $100 a month for the rest of the car. And he was MORE than happy to do it, she didn’t ask him, HE came to HER. She shifted into a timeline of least resistance just by not LETTING SHIT BOTHER HER. Her timeline shift included her dad being in amazing financial standing to help her with this car, and she did nothing but keep her vibrations high. She didn’t ask or beg or plead or BARGAIN for a new car. It fell into her lap. No loans, no loan sharks, ALL SHE HAD TO DO WAS SIGN FOR IT.

Do you see what I’m getting at here? STOP LETTING CIRCUMSTANCES AFFECT YOUR HAPPINESS. Keep pushing THROUGH them. You don’t know how HOW you will receive. Just keep the faith and let NOTHING move your vibration.

Live ONLY In Your Desire


I’ve gotten a few messages today with similar questions, both here and on my website so I’m going to address this:

Example: You WANT a relationship with a specific person (be it your Twin Flame or otherwise). You want the whole thing, all the good stuff. Which means, your END RESULT is the relationship. What does that include? If you’re like most people, it’s the USUAL things that entail BEING in a relationship with that person, which INCLUDE the road TO the relationship. So here then you have two options: You can try and manifest and create every step, OR you can just live in the desired end result (the relationship) and let life surprise you with the unfolding of events. I always say to live in the DESIRED end result, nothing else. However, if you wish to practice your manifesting skills with things such a texts, phone calls, etc I say go for it. BUT. Here’s the kicker with trying to manifest “the middle”, if you keep fudging it up and you don’t see the texts/calls/meetings as often or as quickly as you’d like, you’re going to lose the faith and everything will turn against you.

Here’s what you need to realize, when you live in the desired end result ONLY, those texts, emails etc ARE PART OF THE PACKAGE. All of that awesome middle ground is included and you don’t have to do shit except feel awesome knowing you’re going to get this sweet relationship. I’m going to use another car example; You get in your car and you know where you’re going, you have your destination in mind, so all you do is follow that path. You DONT sit there and try to create traffic lights, stop signs, the lines on the road. They’re obviously part of the journey there, so why would you try and create something that will fall into place for you anyway??

Examples of blocks in desired relationships that AREN’T Your problem:
You live far apart
One or both of you is married
One or both of you have children
You have an age gap
You have differing religions
NONE of this shit matters if you just keep your end goal in mind. None of the other BS matters of why it “Can’t” happen. Because there is NOTHING the universe can’t handle. See what I’m getting at here? You have to understand that once you set your intention, once you create a vision for yourself, IT MUST COME. There is no loophole. Your imagination is there for a reason, use it!

If you’re feeling defeated, faithless, emotionally exhausted, ANYTHING other than excited, you’re going the wrong way. You should be able to think about your end result, and be STOKED. You get the feeling of “YES that’s mine I’m so excited!” When you feel this way, YOURE on the way. When you feel anything other than Good, stop and ask yourself why. Most likely you are a)focused too much on what IS and b) you’re too focused on trying to make the path happen, on trying to create the “middle”. The middle isn’t your job. The making it happen is not your issue. Your ONLY goal is think of THE goal and reside there in happiness.

The Twin Flame Experience

If you are here, you have either found your Twin Flame, or you are experiencing something similar to a Twin Flame connection. Connections like these can be confusing, and just down right mind boggling. They make no logical sense to the conditioned human mind, which causes one to search for answers and try to make sense of what exactly is happening. This site is designed to shine light on what exactly is happening, why it is happening, and what you can do to get yourself to your desired end result. Your desired Union is 100% attainable. Please see the above links for guidance for your situation. If you have any questions, please contact me, or you may email me at or reach out to me on my Facebook page.