I am going to share with you a technique to get the ball rolling for yourself and your Twin Flame. I have used this technique myself and just had 3 of my clients try it and each of them has had success very quickly, so now I want to share it with you!

I came across this back when my Twin and I were in separation and it worked like a charm and like I said I just re-tested it (I had actually forgotten about it until recently) and it worked for all those who have tried it. Would also like to add that I didn’t come up with this myself, but I can’t give credit because I have completely forgotten where I read it way back when.

I always tell you how easy and simple Union can be, and that it doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process. There is actually no “inner child healing” or “shadow work” or whatever other colorful terms the internet likes to come up with as their own excuses for not knowing how to come into alignment.

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Twin Flames are an energetic vibrational alignment of two people with romantic undertones and are here for a cause. The only real “work” that needs to be done is to come into the understanding of how the Universe operates and to become aware, or AWAKEN to the fact that you create your reality with your thoughts and beliefs. Now, onto the good stuff.

1. Go out and buy yourself a journal. I suggest you do not type this, but write it in a new journal. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just one that speaks to you. Make this journal “your own” write your name in it if you have to.

2. Get clear on the next logical step that you wish to see play out for yourself and your Twin. This must be believable to you, so if you’re going to say you want a wedding ring and a key to his house by 9am tomorrow you best believe it’s possible. I suggest you start “small”, and work your way up.

3. Write what you wish to see happen next 3x in a row, 3x a day. For two weeks write this same sentence in present tense. An example would be “I am so happy and grateful that my Twin Flame (you may use their name) and I have continuous, loving and harmonious communication between us.” You would write that sentence 3 times in a row, 3 times per day for two weeks.

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*You MUST feel the corresponding emotion that would accompany this reality while you write this. Reach for loving and happy memories of your Twin that evoke feelings of joy for you.

It took myself 3 days for what I wrote to come through and all three of my clients that did this had success in 7 days or less. This WILL WORK, if it doesn’t work it means you are emitting some type of low vibration while writing and this will block your manifestation from coming through. Relax and sit down and take a few deep breaths and get HAPPY, then begin writing. This has never not worked for me! You are efficiently creating emotional and physical energetic shifts by writing and feeling at the same time.

Good luck!


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