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How long will it take for my Twin Flame to come back?
How long does it take to get to Union?
When will my Twin Flame runner return?

All of these are upon the most popular questions I am asked regarding the Twin Flame journey! How much longer do I have to wait?! 

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The answer is very simple. Before we get into that, it is so highly important that before you begin to read, that you completely embrace and grasp the fact that if you have met your Twin Flame here in this lifetime, you will make it to Union.

Disclaimer: If you are looking for information that contains lack and heartache, you will not find any of that on this website or within my teachings, – there are plenty of other coaches, teachers, and sites that will cater to this type of thinking. None of what I say will ever have anything to do with the “Divine Masculine/Feminine not being ready yet”. If you can grasp hold of the absolute fact that there is no such thing as lack, then you will have an amazingly accelerated experience getting to Union.

If you can access the thought and desire within you, this means that there is already a completely structured version of reality that matches your desire. The version of reality that you desire, the version you dream about and picture in your minds eye, is here and waiting for you to experience it – it is not existing some light years away nor is it being withheld from you. If you were not meant to experience it NOW, you would not be able to think about it NOW either.

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Are you able to think about your Twin Flame, Soul Mate, or Specific Person returning to you? Are you able to imagine the beautiful possibilities between you that you very much so desire to experience? Awesome! That means that these realities, even though for the time being you can only see them in your imagination, are here are ready for you to experience!

If you can accept these two things:
If I can think it, it is ready for me
There is no such thing as lack in this Universe
then you will have such a swift and easy time attracting your Union.

Your Twin Flame has not yet returned to you for one very specific reason:

You are still holding on the negative thought patterns and unaligned emotional reactions that simply cannot be taken in to your new reality. They are not a vibrational match to Union. Everything is ready for you now – it feels so uncomfortable because the Universe is nudging you to drop what is no longer serving you.

In order to experience version of your partner that you so desire, you need to drop all thoughts that out of alignment with your desired end result. Your outer reality is a reflection of you dominant inner conversations, thoughts, and beliefs – if your outer reality is less than stellar in any way, shape, or form, it is time to change the inner conversations you are having with yourself.

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You need to stop asking yourself How Long Will This Take? and start affirming It Is Here Now. If you are waiting, you will continue waiting. You do not wait to be happy, you do not wait for something on the “outside” to look a certain way in order for you to feel fulfilled, why? Because everything is you anyway. Everything you see in your reality is a mirror of you. You are waiting for yourself, you are never waiting for the other person.

Your partner cannot show up for you if you are waiting for them to show up.

Waiting = More Waiting.


Guess what happens when you stop waiting for your Twin Flame, for your Soul Mate, for your Specific Person to come back, to leave their spouse, to choose you? What happens when you spend your time actually focused on the completion of your desire instead? What happens when you begin believing in your desire and start affirming your desire instead of coming up with ideas of it not being here yet?

Things move. They move very, very quickly.

You now have to ask yourself: why are you still spending your precious time focused on the lack of what you are wanting? If you are observing your present reality, you are living in the past. Your present reality is only your past thoughts now being made manifest. You have to constantly be living in the future, aka your thoughts, which is paradoxically the Now

There is only one reason why your Union is still out of sight, and it is because you are still more focused on your physical reality than you are on your vibrational reality. You are still placing more attention on the lack of what you want, that’s all it ever is.

The very moment you shift your thoughts is the very moment you change momentum – it is that that exact moment that you actually begin to attract your Twin Flame to you – permanently! The second you stop waiting and stop questioning “when are they coming back?” is when the magic begins to happen. I have seen miracles occur with my clients – they go from not talking or seeing their partner in years, to being in regular communication a week or two later.

The Universe does not wait, it does not delay, you do! The second you shift your thoughts, is the second you open the door to your Twin Flame walking freely, happily, and readily back to you!

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