Before you read this, understand that my advice is radically different than what you may constantly hear circulating the Twin Flame communities. My teachings put you on the accelerated path to Union instead of focusing on the problem and the lack of it. Those who wallow in self pity and self doubt and believe that they are powerless in this Universe are always the ones who have a hard time believing and digesting what I say, but when they do their lives change for the better. I have traveled the path to Union and I understand the process, that’s why my advice on getting to your desired end result radically differs from the illusionary powerless perspective that you are fed.

It is a common belief among many Twin Flames that there is a Higher Power holding a wedge between Twins which stops them from entering full physical Union at this time.

I have seen time and time again that it is believed that at some undisclosed time in the future God, the Universe, your Guides etc will activate some sort of portal or allow a certain sequence of events to unfold which allows physical Union to ensue between yourself and your Twin Flame. Otherwise known as Divine Timing.

I have read things such as “When the time is right, God will decide for us that it’s time for Union” or “Only the Universe knows when Union will occur, and until then I will heal myself and wait patiently”.

First and foremost, please understand right now, that there is no one and nothing stopping Union from occurring aside from you. And second of all, you do not need to “heal” childhood wounds, the inner child, or past traumas in order to enter Union. This type of thinking is yet again causing one to focus on the problem instead of the solution. Doing this focuses and affirms the fact that you are unhealed and have many things to purge out, so then the Universe, with it’s one and only answer to any thought or belief you may hold answers “YES, you DO have a lot of healing to do which DOES keep you out of Union. Here are more issues for you to heal and even more lack of Union. Enjoy.” This makes you a vibrational match to the PROBLEM, instead of the solution.

“I still have so much healing to do before I am ready for my Union” is another common phrase that circulates the Twin Flame communities which in turn causes individuals to relive and in some cases even create issues for themselves.

Firstly, there is no pre-planned “time” for Union, and the Universe would never put you through the ringer and with hold anything from you. You have the full capacity and free will to experience Union now. And second of all, you are already healed. The only entity ever causing you to believe that you are not divinely perfect is your little friend called the Ego Mind. You came into this world pure and without any beliefs whatsoever, and that is the only type of “inner child” that you ever need to access.

In order to “heal” yourself and rid yourself of any lack beliefs or even past traumas, you access within yourself the state of being that declares that you are healed and free. Once you access the Manifested State, you have instantly self healed yourself, and when those pesky thoughts do show themselves again, you continue to go directly to the Manifested State of already being healed and free of hurt. Feel within yourself how good it feels NOW to be free of the past. This declares to your subconscious mind that there is nothing within you that needs any “fixing”. If you feel any need to hold on to past hurt, you have successfully just identified your problem; YOU are the one who is not letting go. 

Many, many of the people I work with are so tied in to their identities of their “past wounds”, that they are extremely afraid to let go because they fear of heading into an identity crisis. “I AM a Survivor” is something they need to let go of, and releasing an ego-identity as strong as this is a scary thing. However I can assure you that you will feel nothing short of amazing, simply reach for the Manifested State of already being healed. You do NOT need inner child healing courses, chakra clearing and cleansing, or any past life regression healing, NONE of that is necessary.

You need to heal the fact that you think Union is a distant event and/or that it is not possible for you. For a Complete Guide to Twin Flame Union, click here. For a complete Guide on exactly how to Manifest a Love Relationship with a Specific Person, click here. I have been through the entire journey and have wrote in depth exactly the necessary steps to get yourself to your desired end result.

Now for Divine Timing and the illusion that gets passed along, here is what Divine Timing actually means: Divine Timing is the sequence of events that will occur rapidly once you Align your energy, thoughts, and beliefs to be in harmony with Union itself.

So what exactly does that mean?

Here are examples of thoughts that you may believe are in harmony with Union, but actually keep you far, far away from it:
My Twin Flame isn’t ready for me, but one day they will be.
My Twin Flame or I have unhealed parts that need to be fixed.
My Twin Flame is a runner, but he/she can’t run forever, they’ll be back.
There are simply too many obstacles, they need to be cleared first.
I have unconditional love for my Twin Flame and I will wait until they return.
I am patient and don’t mind waiting for my Twin to work on themselves.
My Twin is Unawakened.

Every single one of those is focusing on the problem instead of the solution. The whole meaning of unconditional means ignoring your outer conditions with your 5 senses and going inwards and feeling Union is right here right now. You IGNORE your current circumstances or conditions, you take control of your reality. 

You create the Union within yourself and then remain absolutely confident in your conviction until Union proves itself in your outer reality and materializes itself for you to experience. Doors will open where there were only brick walls a day prior, mountains will be moved for you because you are now only conscious of Union instead of the lack of it being hereThis is what Divine Timing is. The Universe in it’s own way in a way unknown to man, orchestrates and influences anything and everything that it needs to, to get you to your desired end result. It does whatever it takes to get you to where you have already placed your consciousness, which is Physical Union. You fully live in the assumption that you already are the person that you wish to be and you remain faithful to that assumption until it materializes, which will not be long.

YOU are in full control here, not your past wounds, not a higher power, YOU.

To get the full, step by step Guide on exactly how to Manifest Union, click here to get it.
I also wrote a detailed Guide on how exactly the Union process works, you can get it here. Everything written in the Guides are a condensed version of exactly what I personally use to teach my clients how to take control and move themselves from lack and separation, into their desired end result of Union.

“Prove to yourself that you are God by feeling your desire is now an accomplished fact. Listen to your friends talk about you. Are they rejoicing because of your good fortune, or are they expressing envy?”

“Imagine their words are true. Persist in imagining they are true. Continue to imagine your desire is already an accomplished fact; and when it is objectively realized, proof will be yours.” – Neville Goddard