If you are becoming familiar with the Law of Attraction, then you are coming to realize that you create your own reality, right down to the littlest of details.

You attract your home, job, friends, pretty much everything you see around you. So why should manifesting a specific person be any different?

If you have a specific person in mind that you would like to experience a love relationship with, then you have the absolute power and capacity to do so. I myself have done it many times and I regularly coach my clients through the process of attracting of their desired relationship with a specific person.

You must be a vibrational match to your desire to experience a relationship with the person that you desire to be with. You must move yourself vibrationally from seeing the lack of what you desire, into a state of fulfillment; you must become One with the relationship within yourself before it can materialize into your life.

I receive many, many requests weekly from those who would like to be coached individually using the Law of Attraction to manifest a specific person; and the process I use with each client initially is always the same and always yields amazing results-which is why I wrote a Guide on the whole process I use so you too can follow the steps and move from separation into the relationship with the person you desire.

You don’t have to sit there and continuously wish for this person to come to you; you can draw them in by simply aligning yourself with the outcome that you desire.

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