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Whether this is new job, a sum of money, or even a relationship with a specific person, you have the complete capacity to manifest each and every aspect in to your life.

The fact that you have access to the desire in the first place is because you are meant to have it in your life.

You are here to manifest anything you could ever dream of having. Nothing is “with held” from you and the only reason you may not have what you want yet is because you’ve spent more time noticing the absence of it being here.

Your reality is only ever catered to you and your dominant thoughts and beliefs; if you wish to change what you are receiving and experiencing, you must change what you are emitting vibrationally.

Nothing in this Universe is solid, everything is of vibration – made of tiny particles vibrating to make everything look like a solid piece of matter. Every portion of you is also made of a vibrational frequency, including your thoughts.

Your thoughts are what attract or repel everything. What you think about, and the inner conversations that you have, are what creates your immediate reality.

There is nothing outside of yourself, everything exists inside of your consciousness. And since lack is an illusion and you actually contain everything, that means that in order to experience something you want in your reality, all you must do is attain the thoughts that are in harmony with what you wish to have.

You are living in a world where there is contrast in everything. Positive and negative. Light and dark. Up and down. You are living in a place where when there is a presence of something, there is also the opposite of that specific aspect. Therefor, if you are experiencing something in your life that is less than desirable, you also have the complete capacity and free will to tune your thoughts and attention to the opposite version, to what you are actually wishing to experience or have.

There is nothing “off limits” to what you can consciously manifest in your life. Your life is in no way just a random sequence of events that unfold; everything that you experience is a precise and accurate match to what you are thinking about on a daily basis.

If you are ill in any way and wish to manifest health, you must first begin thinking healthy thoughts.

If you are low on funds with a dwindling bank account and wish to manifest wealth, you must first begin thinking abundant and wealthy thoughts.

If you are wishing to spend your life with a specific person, or even manifest a new love relationship, you must first begin thinking thoughts that are in harmony with being in a harmonious Union.

You have access to anything and everything, so the question now is, where have you been placing your thoughts and attention?

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