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If you can follow this advice, you will put yourself on the accelerated path to manifestation!

You are always, always, always, manifesting SOMETHING! Literally in every moment, you are manifesting. If this weren’t true, you would experience nothing – your consciousness and everything around you would be a blank screen.

So that being said, what are you, in this moment, manifesting for yourself? The answer is easy. You are manifesting whatever you are focusing on, you are aligning with how you are feeling. Are you feeling good, wholesome, and focused on your desire? Or are you placing your attention on the opposite?

If you realize that your focused is placed on the opposite of your desire, then you can clearly now see why your desire is still absent and missing from your reality and experience.

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In order to change this, you have to first fully accept the fact that your consciousness, and that your affirmations, are actually your only “true reality”. The physicality of things are only ever the result of your consciousness, they are not the cause. The cause of your physical manifestations only ever occurs because you made the imaginative reality concrete in your consciousness first.

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You have your imagination and feeling state, and the purpose of this is so you can have the ability to instantly experience the manifestation; the key here to ignore your physical senses and enjoy the manifestation within yourself first

Doing this will allow your outer reality to match this vibration and will align you with this experience. The experience of you waking up next to your specific person, your desired car, house, job etc is already here and existing, it has just remained invisible to you because you had not yet vibrated at the level which made it visible yet. Become the vibrational match here in this moment in order for you to open yourself to the physical experience.

The only thing that will ever stop or delay your physical manifestation is your limiting beliefs; they will stop all momentum. Don’t ever think it’s because “the other person isn’t ready yet”, you can’t afford the car, someone else has the job you want, the version of reality you want is here and ready for you! 

When you do get little blips here and there firstly, relax and know that you are supported by the Universe; the last thing you want to do when you are manifesting is to come from a place of need or want, or in other words, lack. You need to hone in on that inner knowing of “if I can picture myself with this desired outcome, then it is already a reality for me”, and know this with confidence!


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