Here is one of the most exciting methods you can use to shift yourself effortlessly into Union with your Twin Flame, Soul Mate, or Specific Person! Anyone can do this, and the truth is, you have been doing this your entire life – unconsciously!

Every single moment in time is brand new. Every billionth of a second, we enter a brand new, and completely unrelated reality from the one we just stepped out of. The only reason this moment in time looks the same as the reality you just experienced a moment ago, is because you, the observer, have remained vibrationally the same. 

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Nothing is actually related – nothing is the same – and when you continue to experience the same reality over and over, it is not because you are stuck, or because things aren’t “ready for you yet”, it is because your dominant expectation of what you believe is most likely to show up next, remains stagnant and unchanged.

You woke up at 8:00am yesterday, had your breakfast, took a shower, took care of some errands and did some work, and then you wound down and went to bed. And not to mention, you made no seeming progress to Union with your Twin Flame, either! And today, tomorrow, and next week will probably all look very similar to this as well.

Your brain has been conditioned to expect the same thing in order to prepare itself for how it will handle what shows up next in your life. But, did you know, that once you expect something new, something amazing, that you are now shifting your consciousness rapidly in a brand new direction?

You do not need to expect the same things that happened yesterday, to happen today. You need to expect the things you actually prefer to show up for you! As I wrote above, you are shifting into a new reality every microsecond – and not only this, but you shift through billions and billions of parallel realities every microsecond, and you get the one that matches your frequency perfectly!

This is a new reality, this is a new reality, and this is a new reality. And every single one that you just shifted through is 100% unrelated and completely structurally different than the one that came before. They all looked the same, because you, the oberserver and your vibration, have remained the same.

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It is not more likely for you to have a date planned with your Twin Flame or Specific Person than it is for you to not hear from them and have no plans with them. So why do you keep projecting the same reality over and over? Because up until now, you didn’t fully realize that it is you that holds all of the power over what you experience.

So, how do you make the rapid shift? It is time for you to now superimpose your new vision, your new vibration, your new frequency, right now in this moment. What happens when we do this? Your consciousness then begins to shift in a new direction; it begins to reel in brand new versions, brand new slides of reality that match the new frequency you are emitting. How would it feel to know you have plans with your Twin Flame tomorrow? How exciting does it feel to know this person will be reaching out to you all day long, all on their own? How amazing does it feel to hear them acknowledge their feelings for you? Those are the new frequencies that you need to tune in to, and paste on to your current version of reality.

And this is in no way any type of delusion, you are simply and quite literally shifting your consciousness into a parallel timeline of experiencing that new positive event. Nothing is ever “solid reality”, it is only ever a perception of an experience. Change the perception, to change the experience, to change your course of future events. We actually do this every moment of every day anyway, but unconsciously! We “go with the flow” and unfortunately doing so leaves us no room for change. Going with the flow, and having an emotional reaction to what shows up, instead of having an emotional reaction before something shows up, keeps us stuck in a self perpetuating loop.

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Once you do it consciously and deliberately, you cause a powerful course-correction which will shift you into the parallel timeline of your preference; a parallel reality that actually matches your new vibration and vision. Now suddenly once you do this, your Twin Flame contacts you seemingly out of the blue and initiates a chain reaction that catapults you to Union. Or if you wish to try this in other areas as well, the boss that treated you badly gives you a huge pay raise, or the person who has made your life difficult shows up for you in a positive way that does nothing but benefit you. 

Do not “expect” the same old thing to show up for you, set your intentions on seeing a miracle happen. Superimpose your reality with your preferred vibration – what do you wish to see happen next? What do you wish your reality would look like? Paint the picture, and feel into it – this triggers a huge shift into a new parallel reality that looks nothing like the one you just stepped out of in the most positive of ways! Give this a try, and watch things effortlessly shift for you!