Everyone currently experiencing the Twin Flame phenomenon has, at least once, encountered the odd synchronistic number patterns that accompany the Twin Flame journey.

When I first met my own Twin, I was almost quite literally chased by numbers such as 11:11, 12:12, 10:10, and so on and so forth.

I drove myself crazy trying to figure out exactly what the heck was going on, and WHY on earth every time I looked at a clock, license plate, TV, pretty much anywhere, I would see these numbers.

What was the Universe trying to show me or tell me?

In order to experience anything in life, we must first attain the feeling of what we want from within. No matter what we are feeling inside of us, those feelings will always be made manifest in physical form for us to experience in our outer reality.

Whether we constantly believe and think about the LACK of something being there, no much how much we yearn and plead the Universe for it, we are doing this because we think we don’t have it yet. And if you are expressing the energy of not having something, the Universe will directly match your reality of not having that specific desire. I’m sure many have heard the saying as within, so with out. 

If you are observing repeating number patterns, such as 11:11, 12:12, 21:21, etc, it is because the Universe has heard your request (which in this case is Union with your Twin Flame), and it is quite literally showing you the reason why you do not have it in your reality yet. You will notice that each repeating sequence always have the same thing in common; which is that the outer number always reflects the inner number. The number themselves do not matter, it is all about the appearance of the sequence, just like the sequence of events that we encounter in our reality based on our energetic alignment with Union.

The Universe can’t speak English, so it uses numbers and signs to point you into the right direction. It’s message is “You are not in Union yet, because your outer reality is reflecting back to you your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings of the LACK of Union being here. Change your internal energy in order for your reality to reflect back your new vibration.”

If you are seeing numbers such as 555, 222, 999, etc, the same message applies: you keep REPEATING the same thoughts and beliefs within you and therefor you will keep running around in circles and experiencing the same, repeating irritating events that keep you out of Union.

You must OWN Union within you, in order to OWN Union on the outside as well. There is no such thing as “Divine Timing”, or a higher being deciding FOR you when you are allowed to experience Union. YOU are with holding it from yourself by noticing all of the reasons of why you don’t yet have it, instead of living in the end result of already having Union. You will never get from where you are now, to where you want to be, by noticing that you’re not where you want to be yet.

This is the entire point of Ascension, you must Ascend to higher levels of consciousness in order to attain what you want. Union is 100% yours, all you need to do is Align yourself with the energy of it being here NOW. Do not project it out into the future, as this will keep it in the future.

I know exactly how it feels to be in separation, which is why post-Union with my own Twin Flame, I wrote a Complete Guide to Twin Flame Union.  Rest assured, if you have met your Twin Flame in this lifetime, this is your time to Unite together in love. There is no such thing as “we met too soon, maybe in the next lifetime”; when you align with thoughts like these, you are not only selling yourself short, but you are delaying your Union.

If you are trying to manifest them back in to your life after a long separation, I also wrote a Guide of exactly how to Manifest a Specific Person back in to your life in order to experience a love relationship with them. There is NO REASON to suffer, you can have whatever you desire in this life, and it is your birth right to do so. It is all about energetic Alignment, and nothing more. You were meant to learn to Ascend in this lifetime and join together physically with your Twin Flame.

UNION first means that your thoughts and beliefs must be Unionized and in Harmony in order for you to experience your desired Twin Flame Union in the physical. I have done it, and so can you!

Click here for the Complete Guide to Twin Flame Union

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