Twin Flame Signs

  1. You will experience a strange “feeling” and “knowing” of something happening behind the scenes before your first encounter with them. You will get this feeling that something is brewing but you have no idea what it is, or why you feel this way. For a complete Guide to Union click here.
  2. The moment you encounter them, you will feel a strange and unusual spark within your being. “There they are!” is a simple yet accurate way to describe this feeling. It is an instant recognition on a soul level, your logical mind will not recognize them, but YOU will.
  3. Synchronicities will become very apparent. The number sequence 11:11 will be the inital sequence that you encounter. Once you acknowledge it, more will come.  They will be in your face, all of the time. This will range from repeating numbers (222, 333, 444, etc.) to your thoughts synching perfectly with your reality; you will be thinking of a word or phrase, and you will then hear this exact word or phrase in the physical. You will see personalized messages on billboards and on the TV, telling you exactly what you need in order to keep moving forward. The biggest mistake you could make is to ignore what these numbers and signs are telling you. They are signs and directions laid out for you by your Higher Self. They are your path to Union.
  4. Your outlook on life will change. You will prefer complete solitude for awhile in order to collect your thoughts. You will question everything you have ever known and you will rid your life of what no longer serves you. Some of this will even happen on a subconscious level; For example, you won’t be able to afford cable TV any longer, as this is your Higher Self directing you AWAY from the false beliefs that no longer resonate. Things can seem as if they are falling apart, but they are being cleared for a higher purpose, you are making room for the new to enter.
  5. You will give up habits that no longer serve you. Drinking, smoking, even unsatisfying jobs. You will suddenly drop these things as they no longer serve a purpose for your Union.
  6. You will be absolutely swarmed with thoughts of your Twin Flame. By swarmed I quite literally mean 24-7. This is you awakening, and you can assist your Twin Flame awakening quickly as well. There are days were you will just want to lay in bed and think about your Twin, and tune into your heart connection. You can not and will not escape this, the more you attempt to push these thoughts and feelings away, the more they will overwhelm you. This is set in place for a reason. You are not MEANT to push these away, you are meant to embrace them, as your Twin will be a part of your life for the duration of your time here on Earth, and thereafter.
  7. Your lives will synch up. Everything about you will synch and match, yet you will ALSO be complimentary opposites. This is put in place as a recognition mechanism. Your lives before you met will match, so much that you may discover that you received the same items for Christmas years ago. You will have worked the same types of jobs, and your family history will match. You will show up in person together and be dressed alike. If one Twin gets a nosebleed, the other will follow suit shortly thereafter.
  8. As for the complimentary opposite aspect; what one Twin lacks, the other will make up for. If one of you is bald, the other will have a beautiful head of hair. If one of you excels at math, the other will be a magnificent writer. If one is older, the other maybe decades younger. Your aspects will be a perfect puzzle, all will be matched, synched, and what one is “lacking” the other will fill in. It is human perfection.
  9. The Love you feel for this person goes beyond anything you ever thought was possible. You will absolutely LOVE this person with such a fiery passion that nothing and no one would ever be able to change this feeling. It is a complete imprint on the others soul, you have permanently merged yourselves. And the only reason for loving them is simply for who they are. No matter what your “type” is, your Twin will become the most amazingly beautiful and fantastic human being that you have ever encountered. You will have a longing and lust for them that does not fade. You want to merge with them on ALL levels of their being.
  10. If you are married at the time of meeting your Twin, your marriage will slowly become more and more unappealing. This is considered a third party, and you can absolutely overcome this with ease. You will feel as if you are cheating on your Twin whilst being with your spouse. You will only have eyes for your Twin, and being intimate with your partner will become increasingly more difficult. Your soul wants nothing to do with this lower vibrational act of love, regardless of how much you care for your spouse as a person. They will never, ever hold a candle to your Twin Flame. Your mind will try and convince you of the human made laws of marriage, but your soul and heart will put up the rigorous fight to this core value which no longer serves you.
  11. You will dream of this person, and many times this will be a lucid dream. You will be able to manipulate the dream into whatever you wish, and these dreams are the prerequisite of what is required of you in order to come into Union. Just like a dream, your waking reality requires and allows you to manipulate your circumstances into whatever you wish. (I will get into this in another article). The more harmonious your dreams are that involve your Twin, the closer you are to Union.
  12. Your physical appearances will merge. This is a huge sign, and especially apparent if you are a Twin couple with an age gap. At the time of the younger Twins birth, the older Twin will begin to evolve and change physically. The older Twin will begin to shed their “old looks” in order to match his or her Twin. They will be able to look back at pictures of themselves and be unrecognizable. At the time of meeting, you and your Twin will be “identical”, regardless of age or race. You will be able to take a split screen picture of each face and put them side by side, and they will match perfectly.
  13. You will find synchronicity in; your names (one of your names will be found with in the other’s), your birthday’s, the day you met, and even in your phone numbers. This requires a little bit of detective work, but if you are curious, you will be aligned to see it. Everything is pre-planned for you to be able to recognize this person as your Twin, this is all set up by your Higher Selves pre-birth.
  14. Your Twin will test your faith, patience, and emotional stability. They do this completely unknowingly, and you agreed to this before you incarnated here. Everything that you need to work on, your Twin will put on display. This will be extremely exaggerated through them, and it is there once again to catch your attention. Whatever you need to work on within yourself will be magnified exponentially so you can get the picture and fix it. Your Twin is your greatest mirror, everything that you accuse them of being, you are accusing yourself of. You yourself are the only one who is with-holding your Union. Your Twin is ready for you as soon as you Align yourself.
  15. You, or they, will have a strong urge to run for the hills. Notice here I said strong urge. If you do become physically separated, it is never for long, and it is always guided. This connection can be very overwhelming, especially in the beginning, and one or both of you will want to retreat back to “your old life”. However, you are here for a higher purpose and the Universe and your Higher Selves were prepared for this. This statement may upset some who feel they have met their Twins and have lost them, however this is important, and I want to make this very clear. Should you and your Twin separate, this is not permanent. If you have met your Twin Flame in this lifetime, the two of you WILL be together, permanently. There is no “maybe in the next lifetime, we met too soon.” If you have encountered your TRUE Twin Flame, you will reunite as a couple in the physical here and now. Should you have lost your Twin for an extended amount of time, this person was a soul catalyst, and NOT your Twin Flame. You and your Twin will never stay apart long, it is impossible and it goes against the whole reason you incarnated here together and met in the physical. Do you truly believe all of these signs and preparations for the two of you were all for nothing? You will both fulfill your purpose here TOGETHER, United in love.

What your Twin Flame IS NOT:

I’ve seen some pretty devastating things circulating regarding others’ “Twins”.

-Your Twin would never, EVER, intentionally hurt you. Emotionally or otherwise. The entirety of this relationship is built on the foundation of love, and NOTHING else.

-Your Twin would never lie, cheat, or use you. You are here for a higher purpose and you are both evolved souls, there is no room for things such as these.

-You will never “date” your Twin and then “break up”. This is again a soul catalyst. A Twin Flame relationship runs “backwards” in regards to traditional relationships. Union comes at the end, and it is permanent.

-If you feel this person is a narcissist, an alcoholic, a drug user, etc. this is also not a Twin Flame. This person is a lesson of some sort for you, it is up to you then to decipher what they are trying to teach you.

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