A huge, if not main purpose of the Twin Flame connection is the Awakening. Your Twin will trigger within you some type of “spiritual” awakening or quest for you to search for Higher Universal Truth. I know exactly how confusing this path can be and how much there is to process through before getting to Union. If you’re done “waiting” for your Twin to awaken and ready to get to the Union stage of your journey, make sure you Download my Complete Guide To Twin Flame Union.

Things to Remember While You’re Awakening:

-You create your reality, right down to the fly on the wall. You create everything, literally every single thing you see and experience, is simply because of the thoughts and feelings that you exert.

-99% , if not 100%, of your current belief system is actually someone else’s beliefs that got passed down to you. These beliefs are harbored in your conscious and subconscious mind, which directly creates the reality you view around you. You weren’t born with any beliefs, you took all of them on along the way, and everything you see around you right now is based on what you were taught to be true. On your societal conditioning.

-Your current reality, the one you are observing and “living in” right now, is only one of INFINITE realities, and it is being generated by YOU.

-You shift into a brand new reality every moment of every day. Each reality is completely unrelated to the one you just came out of, the only reason it looks and feels the same, is because YOU (your thoughts and beliefs) remain the same.

-If you don’t like the reality you’re living in right now, you can overwhelm this present moment with a thought and feeling that you prefer to experience instead, and it will materialize for you. You will create a new reality simply by imagining what you wish to experience next, and remaining doubtless that this is possible for you.

-The sole reason we are equipped with our imaginations, is to be able to create what we wish to experience next. Once you access a thought, be it a past thought or a future projection (positive or negative) that is your imagination creating your next parallel reality that you are about to experience. Ever wonder why you tend to “re-live” certain aspects of your life? It’s because you resonate in a past memory of what you have already experienced (positive or negative) and by imagining it and thinking about it, you are recreating it.

-As soon as you access a thought, be it a new idea or a past memory, you begin the initial “download” of that experience. As soon as you think it, the universe is rearranging people and circumstances for you to experience it. It has been this way your entire life, you were just asleep and not noticing it.

-A belief is only a thought that you think over and over, until it becomes true for you. And once it becomes true in your mind, it will materialize into your reality and will present itself as a fact. It is a “fact” because you are now able to experience it with your 5 senses. That’s how malleable reality actually is, and you can change it instantly with a change in your beliefs.

-Every single person you meet is actually only a projection of yourself. When you dislike another person, because of what they say or how they behave, they are actually only mirroring back one of your own beliefs. Do you believe you’re less than stellar and that people use you? Those are exactly the type of people that will present themselves in your life. Change your beliefs to change the people that show up.

-When you decide to make a change in your life, be it big or small, you will run in to obstacles that make you believe that this new reality isn’t meant for you. They present themselves as roadblocks to your goal and this is when people usually quit, or use the phrases “It just wasn’t meant to be. This is the reality of it. This idea was silly, of course I could never do/be/accomplish that. How silly of me to dream big.” When really the only reason the blocks present themselves is so your attention is focused on the very thoughts and beliefs that stand in the way of you and your new goal. Clear the beliefs that set the blocks in place, and you will dissolve them and you will be catapulted towards attaining your new goal.

-Negative feelings are your higher self’s way of telling you that your perspective of the situation isn’t the correct perspective, that’s why it feels so bad. If you feel truly bad, upset, defeated, and/or angry about something, it is simply because of your emotional guidance system that kicks in to let you know you need to change your perspective. If your perspective were true, it would feel GOOD. When you are depressed, it’s because all your higher self sees is an infinite amount of love, bliss and abundance, but you yourself are perceiving lack.

-There is no such thing as lack in this Universe. None. That’s why when a lack belief presents itself, be it money, love, happiness, freedom etc., it feels terrible because it isn’t aligned with the Universal Truth of infinity. The universe will however honor your lack based belief by focusing your consciousness on a reality where the thing you desire is seemingly absent. You have immediate access to an unlimited amount of anything you could ever want, all you have to do is believe in abundance as opposed to the illusion of lack. It is your birth right.

-The only reason you experience contrast (the good vs. the bad) is so you can KNOW what it is that you actually want. Unfortunately, many people get so caught up in thinking about what they don’t wish to experience, that all they experience is what they don’t want. The only reason we are met with contrast is to depict what truly excites us, and there would be no way to do that unless we got a glimpse of what we don’t prefer. The whole reason we incarnated into this dimension is to experience contrast, to be able to experience both ends of the spectrum. Nothing is actually good or bad, it’s all based on each persons individual belief system, that’s why the Universe presents you with a choice of what you wish to experience; this or that. This is the sole purpose of Duality.

-You don’t actually have a SINGLE problem or issue in this very moment. Not a single one. If you THINK you do, it is only because of a past experience or a future worry. Take in this moment and just BE in this moment. Realize that by worrying right where you are right now, you are already creating your future. Create something you wish to experience INSTEAD.

You came here to live the life you wish to live. You are not bound to anything. There are no such things as limits, or lack, and that’s why they feel so bad. If you are depressed, sad, or angry, it’s because your viewing your circumstances in a lack based, limited way that is not aligned with the Truth. If you are broke or suffering in any way, it’s because you believe it to be true for yourself. Change the way you perceive the Universe, and it will adjust itself to you. You can’t keep adjusting to something that’s already continuously adjusting itself to you. ❤️

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