All of us have been experiencing some out of whack and unexpected events lately, but the Supermoon in partnership-oriented Libra on March 20th is something we can finally all look forward to!

This will be the third and final Supermoon of 2019 and our last chance of the year to have this kind of energy to put our closest relationships in the spotlight.

All relationships, especially those of a romantic nature, will be front and center this week. If there is a significant relationship in your life that takes precedence, then you can expect a significant turning point this week.

The energy of this potent moon will last for weeks after the actual event, but you will certainly be seeing huge changes as early as Wednesday. A certain aspect of a relationship will be illuminated and brought to light for you; the moon will shine its bright light over the areas that may have been kept hidden or has remained in the shadows.

This lunation will also provide you with an opportunity to see what proper steps you now need to take in order to propel a relationship forward. There will certainly be a pivotal turning point for the two of you! Everything you were wishing and intending finally has the opportunity even itself out.

This full moon will occur very close to Earth, so emotions will be supercharged to say the least, so expect very drawn out emotional purging within your relationships and yourself as well.

It’s likely that for the past few months, it’s been in a bit of a “wait and see” phase when it comes to your love-life. We’ve been focused inwardly and likely have spent that time thinking about what we want regarding love, but also contemplating the meaning of the things we have been through.

Overall these emotional shifts will be positive thanks to the March Equinox occurring in tandem, so expect a beautiful and sudden forward motion where before things have appeared stuck or stagnant.

Libra is an air sign and represents the scales. It is the sign of balance and harmony; and of fairness. Since its emphasis is on relationships, you can expect to see a lot of fairness and equality within your love life, where before there were ups and down and imbalance on both sides.

You will now begin to feel like you have a solid partner in your life. Libra is also known as the peacekeeper so if you feel like you need to end an outdated relationship in order to explore something new, now is the time to make this happen; any endings will be amicable.

We are all set to experience a huge wave of equal energy that hugely benefits us and our relationships immensely. If you feel like you have been treated unfairly in the past, expect everything now begin to even out – you will get what you have been deserving, in the best possible way!

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