The MALE Perspective

One of the major aspects of the Twin Flame and even the Soul Mate journey that is commonly questioned or misunderstood is the male perspective of the entire process. People from all over the world have reached out to me and asked questions regarding my Twins side of the journey and the trials and emotions that he has had to process through in order for us to get to Union.

The journey was not an easy one for either of us.

We were both married at the time of meeting; I had a young child and he had two grown children of his own. We share an age gap that we have had to navigate as well as disapproving family members.

I processed through my spiritual awakening alone and sat through the separation and during that time, I had some major questions running through my mind: “What is he going through right now? Is he experiencing what I am? Does he feel the same way about me? Are we EVER going to acknowledge this massive spiritual and soul pulling connection?” 

Everyday I wondered what his side of the journey looked like, I wondered if I was “crazy” or if I was making this all up in my mind.

My Twin and I sat down and put together an eBook on his side of the journey; we spent hours going over everything as he recalled his end of the spectrum. For the first time ever we are also publicly sharing our story from start to finish in hopes of shedding some light on the fact that nothing in this Universe in impossible, regardless of how hopeless things may seem.

Here you will gain a better understanding of the other side of the Awakening and alignment of Union.

We covered:

-His Awakening

-Seeing Repeating Number Patterns

-Witnessing Synchronicities

-What He Was Thinking During Silent Times

-How He Felt During Physical Separation

-How Me Coming into Alignment Caused Him to Align With Union

-When and How He Discovered We Were Twins

-Navigating His Marriage Outside of the Union


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