The Universe has never asked you to struggle, it has never asked you to wait or even to work hard, it is only ever answering your mood – which is generated by your thoughts. The Universe doesn’t ever know if the emotions you are offering are generated by what you are observing or what you are imagining – but whatever you are offering is what it will respond to give you more of it! Your only job is to be happy right where you are.

All genuine Twin Flame and heart-centered soul connection reunions are divinely guided, and they do test the patient faith of your soul. These connections ask you to believe what you already know in your heart, and to trust and have faith even when everything around you is telling you the opposite. Once you can triumph this, you will see Union waiting for you, you will see your Twin waiting there with open arms.

Despite what many other “guru’s” or “experts” have written regarding their take on the Twin Flame Journey, Twins here on this Earth at this time will enter full physical Union in this lifetime. The path to Union is also the Ascension path, they go hand in hand. You “set a timer” in a sense, to awaken you here during this physical incarnation so you can help assist the planet through Ascension in order to create a brand new way of living for humanity. Instead of operating on a fear-based ego mentality, we are all shifting into the realization that we are not the victim of our circumstances, but the creators of each of our individual experiences. 

It would be a fruitless act to incarnate here with your Twin Flame, have a brief physical encounter, and then part ways permanently.

Every single one of us operate within our own “universe” so to speak; our conscious has the ability to shift between billions and billions of parallel realities in at any given moment, the reality we just stepped out of is 100% completely unrelated to the one you just entered. Everything only ever looks the same because you the observer has remained the same, vibrationally speaking. Therefore, since we have this ability as our birthright, this also means that there is nothing that we cannot have if we so desire to have it. 

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The only “blocks” we ever face are those within our minds, and if they exist in the mind, in our consciousness, our consciousness sifts through those billions and billions of realities, and aligns you the exact one that matches your inner conversations. So to reiterate, the Twin Flame journey is also the Ascension journey, it is your souls Great Awakening – and as you process through the Ascension journey and you learn all of these things that are outlined above, it is impossible not to end up with your Twin Flame. Once you fully learn, comprehend, and accept that you are the creator of your experience, then there is no room left for the lack of what you want. Lack no longer has room in the belief system in a fully Awakened individual, therefore a lack of Union would not be even the slightest bit possible.

The pain of separation in a true Twin Flame couple is far too great to be able to say “Eh, I’m over this and I’m not doing the inner work. Time to move on!” – this will absolutely never happen between a Twin pair, and if it does happen, then it certainly was not a TF connection to begin with, and that is of course totally okay. The entire point of incarnation for a Twin Flame couple is to raise humanity through Ascension, and regardless how much the ego may fight the connection and try to run, your Higher Self, your Soul, will course correct you mercilessly until you are back on track. So there is no such thing as a TF pair to not make it, that would be a soulmate or karmic connection.

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Allow only thoughts to enter your mind that the version of you already in Union with your Twin Flame would be thinking about. Every thought you think inspires a sequence of events to take place that physically guides you to experience that very thought. It’s unlimited what the Universe can bring to you; make sure you are consciously manifesting things for you on a consistent and regular basis, set those new intentions every single morning! Think the thought until you believe it, and the moment you believe it, it will show up for you in the most beautiful way. You hold the power to manifest anything your heart desires, there are no limits other than the ones you believe exist, there is nothing you cannot have.

When doubt does creep in that you create your reality, please remind yourself that you have always created what you see around you, you were just doing it in a very unconscious way up until now. You are consciousness, meaning you are the awareness that experiences everything you see. 

Reality does not have a mind of its own, it does not pick and choose what slides it wishes to bring you, you do that through your vibratory field – which is made up of your thoughts and beliefs.

Every single thought you have triggers an emotion within you, that specific though/emotion response is what projects and draws in the reality that matches. So if you are thinking harmonious things and in turn have a harmonious emotional field, you will attract amazing things into your life, including your Twin Flame Union.