Age gaps among Twin Flames is a very common occurrence and can often times be a very confusing aspect of the journey.
Having an age gap with your Twin Flame can cause you to question your relationship; such as what people may think or if a relationship is even possible in the first place.
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As many of you may now already be aware of, yourself and your Twin Flame are meant to tear down the walls of love set up by the collective consciousness. You are meant to take down the barriers, societal rules, and regulations that were placed on relationships in order to transcend them and create a new paradigm.

Yourself and your Twin Flame are the exact same age within, and the age of your physical bodies is nothing but a number.

Your soul uses your viewpoints of the illusion of limitations as a learning experience and this is why you chose to incarnate here with your age gap.

Rest assured that Twin Flames have the full capacity to experience a beautiful and fulfilling relationship regardless of their physical age gaps; I personally have encountered Twins that share anywhere between 5-40 years between them.
You would have never chosen these “limitations” such as an age gap if you weren’t able to overcome them, it is all set in place for a reason and will not effect the relationship in any way.
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The entire relationship occurs on a soul level, and in order to serve humanity in the way that you intended to, you light the path for others to follow by clearing the path of societal norms.

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