“My affirmations didn’t work.” Sound familiar? Oftentimes when we begin affirming a new, desired to ourselves, we want that new reality to manifest, and we want it to manifest quickly! So what happens if you start affirming, yet your affirmations didn’t work?

Affirmations. ALWAYS. Work.
Before continuing on, please read that again. And then read it one more time.

The issue you are having is not your affirmations not working. It is not that the Universe has not heard you. It is not that you are not meant to have what you are intending – it is none of these things. Your affirmations “didn’t work” because you gave up too quickly. You, possibly even subconsciously, slapped a time stamp on what you are trying to bring about in your reality. You constructed a “logical” timeframe within your mind and when that came and went, you thought your affirmations did not work and you re-routed yourself back into your old, undesired reality.

What happens when we affirm “this didn’t work”? Yep, you guessed it! The Universe will prove to you that it didn’t work!

It is impossible to plant an apple tree and receive a grape vine. It is impossible to plant a rose bush and receive a patch of daisies. It is also therefor impossible to plant a seed of intention and have it manifest into something else or nothing at all. BUT. It is also impossible for a plant to grow if you continuously dig the seed up to check and see if it’s growing. If the environment is not harmonious, you pump the breaks on your manifestation and affirmation from coming to full fruition.

The goal of affirming is not to take a few minutes out of your day to feel good and affirm, and then simultaneously 5 minutes later or 5 hours later or even 5 days later to fall off the wagon and say, “Welp, that didn’t work!” – this is assuredly the worst thing you can do to yourself because it slows your manifestation way, way down.

The goal is to not tie how you feel to what shows up or what you see in your current reality. Your only goal is to state your intention/affirmation and then paste your affirmation and preferred vibration over anything that shows up in your reality. Doing this allows the natural time lag that we experience here in the 3D to catch up to your new state of being and allows a beautiful environment for the manifestation to enter into.

If you affirm for 3 (or 5 or 10) days and your manifestation is not here yet, it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong or that it won’t come or that it isn’t meant for you; it means the Universe is still working on your behalf in order to bring about the manifestation in the most perfect and harmonious way possible! Don’t be fooled by the appearance of your senses and assume no progress is being made and crash back into the illusion of lack.

Did you know, the moment you affirm and have a matching emotional reaction to your affirm, you are now in that reality? The moment you state your claim, you are now there. Simply sit back and nurture your intention as your physical reality catches up to manifest your desire and allow it to reel in the necessary physical components of your desire.

As you begin to stay more and more in alignment, you will see the beginnings of your breadcrumb trail. You will begin to see small changes that begin to reflect your brand new affirmations and state of being. You will see this clues, winks, and also encouragement from the Universe letting you know you are being led right to the manifestation. Acknowledge these small wins as they come about and go right back to your preferred vibration and abundant state of being.

Before you know it, your manifestation will show up in the most amazing, spontaneous, and magical way possible! And the feelings of empowerment of KNOWING that you just consciously manifested a desire is more amazing than almost anything you experience here in this lifetime. The goal is to stop feeling like a victim, stop feeling like you are at the mercy of your circumstances, because your circumstances are simply only ever your ever present mirror. Look to them to see what needs to be adjusted and then rise back up into your state of consciousness that confirms the change.