There are many different definitions of what a Twin Flame is. Your Twin Flame, essentially, is YOU. Pause for a second, and just be. Turn off your mind and just sit with your Self for a moment. Do you feel that state of being? The feeling you’re experiencing at this moment in time should feel completely heart-centered, with total silence from the mind. That’s your shared consciousness.

Your Twin, when they turn off their minds (or in other words, the Ego), is identical to You. You share the same soul, the same consciousness, the same State of Being. The reason things get to hard, however, is because the thing the two of you don’t share, are your brains. Your physical mind is what gets in the way of this entire experience (notice here I said YOUR mind, not theirs).

With in your mind, you hold your core values, beliefs, memories, and the way you view the world in general. All of those things, are what get in the way of your desired relationship.

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The feelings you experience with your Twin are illogical to your human, conditioned mind. They make absolutely no sense whatsoever, and they will make you feel as if you have gone mad. You may identify the feelings you experience with terms such as; obsessed, crazy, loss of rational thinking, and compulsion.

First and foremost, you must know, that you are NOT any of these things, and these are prime examples of your mind trying to take the wheel and make sense of what is happening.

The first step to coming into Union is to disregard everything you have ever learned or observed regarding relationships. The majority of you have either been apart of and/or have witnessed a traditional, conditional relationship. Relationships out of pure convenience, relationships where one or both partners have fallen out of romantic love, relationships where there is one reason or another of why you “just can’t leave”.

None of this has any room within a Twin connection, and it will challenge and burn anything conditional that you currently have in your life to ashes.

If you have met your Twin Flame, get ready for your rebirth. Your entire being will shed every single thing you have ever learned about not only Love, but about the Universe you live in and how it truly operates. You will not stop the shedding process until your entire being becomes Unconditional. This is where the 11:11 phenomenon and Awakening come into play.