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Many say that the hardest part of getting to Union with their other half is the wait time. Every day we wake up wondering if today is going to be the day that a magical event occurs that will catapult us to our desired end result with our specific person. As many of you know, it took myself roughly 4 years from start to finish to get to Union with my own Twin, and trust when I say that the path was not an easy one! The lag time between “now” and the manifested completion of Union felt like an eternity when I was in the midst of it, but that was because I also didn’t understand what was happening or why I was waiting…and waiting…and waiting.

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If you are here and are familiar with me, my website, and my teachings, then you probably understand at least the fundamental basics on how to manifest Union with your Twin Flame or your specific person. To recap, you will not get to Union by focusing on the lack of it being here. You will never achieve your desired end goal of anything in your life if you are still waking up every morning and affirming “it’s not here yet.”

The only way you will effortlessly manifest not only your perfect relationship, but every other desire you have in life, is by starting your day by living from the perspective of already having what it is you want. You do not go about your day thinking about your desire, or wondering whether you will ever receive it – instead you assume the holistic arrogance of already having what it is you want, regardless of what your present reality is reflecting back to you. You live from the perspective of completion with enough mental discipline that you are not knocked off your rocker every time something undesirable occurs in your reality.

So, given that you have integrated at least half of the belief system of “Everything is me pushed out and if something unpreferred happens it is because a week ago I sat in that vibration” then you are now probably diligently affirming your Union and aligning your vibration with the completion of your desire. Oftentimes, even the most experienced conscious manifestors are hit with the question of “Why this time lag?”

What is the purpose of the time lag between now and the manifestation? Many times, people affirm their Union and within the same day fall off the horse and get down on themselves because it’s not here yet. So if you are being met with the frustration of the lack of your Union showing up, I want to shed light on what the “time lag” actually is. As soon as you place your intention, as soon as you affirm your desire in the positive, present tense, the Universe gets to work. As soon as you affirm “I am so happy and excited my Twin Flame/specific person is now choosing me over anyone else”, the Universe begins to shift people and circumstances around in your favor.

The shifting has begun and it is working diligently to bring about your desire in the most beautiful, harmonious, and also surprising way. The time lag you experience after you affirm is never the Universe “making you wait”, it is always the bridge of events coming together to lead you directly to what it is you just affirmed. For example, if your specific person is currently committed to someone else, this affirmation above now initiates the sequence of events perfectly designed to move your person from that relationship they are currently in, to the relationship YOU are desiring. The events are now underway, and your only job is to remain unconditionally vibrationally aligned with your desire and affirmation.

You do not question the time “delay”, you do not lose hope, you do not “check and see” if things are moving – you go through your days with the blind faith that everything is always working out in your favor. The bridge is coming together, the events needed in order for Union to occur are now underway, your person is now being moved from their current situation and into Union with you. But the more you lose hope, the more you seek, and the more you believe you are still lacking, the longer the bridge takes to come together because you are putting a wedge between where you are going and where you still are.

Trust that everything is now coming together for you, the puzzle pieces are connecting and everything you have affirmed is underway. Look to the future only because if you continue to place your attention on “what is”, then you will continually regenerate the same, undesired reality and you prevent your Twin Flame from coming to you. If you are still stuck in an endless cycle of either running and chasing or just minimal contact and stagnation on your journey, click here to read about the Twin Flame Union Course. It is designed to guide you to Union with your specific person regardless of where you currently are in your journey. It teaches you how to overcome any and all blocks to Union and you will learn how to quickly move from separation and lack to full, harmonious Union!

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