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One of the questions that I am asked the most is if whether or not we are meant to be in a 3D physical committed relationship with our Twin Flame. The answer is YES.

One of the most common misconceptions that I and others have seen floating around the Twin Flame communities is that the entire Twin Flame journey is meant be, and stay, only in the 5D, or “spiritual realm”.

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It is commonly thought that the Twin journey is purely a spiritual one, meant to bring you back to your Self, and to teach you that you don’t need anyone else but You. It is also believed that you must completely walk away from your Twin, and no longer even want them any longer, in order for you 3D physical Union to ensue.

The ONLY thing that you actually let go of, is the sadness of thinking that Union isn’t meant for you. That is it.

You are not meant to simply meet your Twin Flame, your love of your life, and then let them go and have a spiritual relationship with this person, no. If that were the plan, both of you would have stayed in the 5th Dimension.

You came here to learn that obstacles and barriers are not real, that they are created in your mind and therefor then projected in to your physical reality.

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Your desire to be with this person is a desire directly from Source. That is where desires come from; they are the Universe’s/God’s way of telling you that this is the experience that it wants you to have in order to learn through you. 

So when you want to be in 3D Union with your Twin, it is because the Universe is creating this desire within you. It is trying to push you to Manifest this Union so it can gain the knowledge and experience through you. 

This is why it feels so bad when you try and deny yourself that which you are desiring, be it Union with your Twin Flame or that million dollars that you want. When you tell yourself that you can’t have something, that it’s simply not possible or not meant for you, your built in emotional guidance system gets triggered and you feel really, really bad. This is because all your higher self sees is an abundance of every single thing it is that you want, because there is no such thing as lack in this Universe. 

When you believe you are lacking something, your emotions trigger you to feel mad/sad/confined, and this because these thoughts are untrue and out of alignment, and this is your inner beings way of letting you know this.

Don’t ever sell yourself short and believe that something you want isn’t meant for you, or that it’s only meant for you in a certain way, shape, or form. You have to realize that you live in a world of duality, of positive and negative, and that the opposite of every desire is the manifestation of that it is that you are wanting.

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