Here is probably one of the most important articles that you may ever need to read regarding your current situation with your Twin Flame. Did you know that you already ARE in Union with your Twin? Union is here NOW, the only issue you may be is facing is that you are not experiencing the version of Union that you prefer.

Everything in the Universe and every single version of reality is already existing here in this Now moment; and you have direct access by focusing on your desires. If you desires weren’t already existent, you would not have access to them within yourself.

You will only ever experience anything that you are conscious of; no matter if it’s what you want or what you do not want, if you are conscious of it, that is what you will experience with your 5 senses. As soon as you desire anything, the Universe, with it’s one and only answer to anything (be it good or bad), always answers with YES.

Contrary to popular belief, the Universe would never with hold anything from you that you wish to experience; Union has nothing to do with “healing” or “being ready”, you are healed and ready, the only thing you must do is let go of the lack belief that you aren’t allowed to experience it, or that it can’t or won’t happen for you. That is the only thing that you must adjust within yourself-you must become a vibrational match for what you wish to see, have, and experience.

You have launched and re-launched vibrationally your desire for Union over and over, and the Universe has heard your requests every single time, and the proof for many of you comes in the forms of synchronicity. Be it seeing your Twins name everywhere, experiencing repeating number patterns or even running into them in random places.

The Universe has heard your request, and if you open yourself up to the signs it is sending you, it is communicating with you to show you that Union is already yours. It is now your job to Align yourself vibrationally with the version that you most prefer to experience.

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You must now clearly depict the version of Union that you prefer to experience, you do this by using your emotions within you and conjure up the feeling of perfection and harmony that you would feel if your preferred state of Union were occurring right now. This is what we call building momentum, you are projecting yourself into the direction you wish to go instead of remaining stuck and regurgitating the same reality over and over.

“You have a thought >> the thought vibrates at a certain frequency >> your consciousness is now being focused to that frequency domain and your state of being, mind and body are starting to radiate that frequency >> consequently you receive more thoughts and experiences of a similar vibration as the frequency you just tuned yourself to.”
Bentinho Massaro

This then often becomes a vicious cycle, or a self-reinforcing illusion or pattern. In other words; we feel stuck and then continue to project the same situation over and over again which then gets extremely frustrating to say the least. You have built momentum in a certain area of your life and since you are tuned into that particular frequency, the forms that belong to that frequency, or domain, will regurgitate and keep incarnating themselves in order to match you. You cannot tune into radio station 100.3FM and expect to hear what’s playing on 98.5FM, it cannot and will not work that way.

You have an infinite amount of frequencies that you have the ability to tune into which then present new circumstances that then match this new frequency, this is where miracles occur.


  1. Change your focus: choose new, better feeling thoughts that you prefer to experience instead. Align yourself with the version of your Twin Flame that you prefer, instead of paying attention to the version you are currently experiencing.
  2. Completely block out the current version of your Twin, or aspects of your Twin, that you do not like: you always have a choice; do not accept anything that does not please you, shift your attention with in your mind and stay focused on the opposite aspect that you wish to see instead. If there something you do not like about your current reality of Union, shift your focus to the solution of that particular reality; what would you wish to see instead?
  3. Repeat these new thoughts over and over until they begin to take form: you will know you are building momentum when your reality begins to reflect back your new version of Union. It typically takes as little as three days to see a massive shift in your circumstances as long as you remain faithful to your new assumption of Union.

When you do this repeatedly, you WILL shift into the new version of Union that you prefer–instead of the current lack, separation, and heartache that you may be experiencing now. You always have a choice, do not ever allow yourself to be jerked around by your current reality; it is all only ever a reflection of you. You have to stop adjusting to what is only ever adjusting to you.

For a complete Guide to Union please see my written eGuide on how exactly Union works. Rest assured, if you have met your Twin Flame in this lifetime, this is your time to Unite together in love. There is no such thing as “we met too soon, maybe in the next lifetime”; when you align with thoughts like these, you are not only selling yourself short, but you are delaying your Union.

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