Why does our Twin Flame, our greatest love, the person that we resonate with the most, run from the connection? This is one of the most sought after questions currently circulating the Twin Flame community, and for good reason. Thousands of Twins who are currently facing the pain of separation from their Twins question why on earth their Twin seemingly wants nothing to do with them, even though below the surface, they clearly both love each other so deeply.

The most common answers to this question are usually along the lines of;
Your Twin is scared of the connection.
Your Twin is scared of the intensity.
Your Twin has inner work to do.
YOU have inner work to do.
You were not meant to be together in this lifetime.
You simply met at the wrong time.

So, are these answers true? Yes, but only because you keep making them true.

The answer is YOU. How exactly?

Most Twin Flames meet at a time of their lives where being with one another is less than ideal (or so it seems). Firstly, trust that whatever seemingly difficult circumstances you are facing are there for a reason. These can range anywhere from marriages or relationships outside of the Union, large physical distances, large age gaps, religious difference, the list goes on.

In fact, if yourself and your Twin face any of these, this is already a huge indicator that this person is indeed your Twin Flame.

The Universal truth is that none of these things actually matter when it comes to love, no matter how “serious” the circumstances may seem, that is the whole reason they are there, for you to learn that none of this actually matters. However, there is also one Universal Law that governs us at all times, which dictates that whatever vibrational frequency you are vibrating within, is the same vibrational frequency that creates your reality.

So if your vibrational frequency dictates that there is a seemingly difficult roadblock or obstacles keeping you out of Union, then the Universe will align you with the version of your Twin that displays your misaligned thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.

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For example, if your Twin is married and you believe that this other person is the reason yourself and your Twin aren’t together, or you believe that they choose this other person over you, the Universe with it’s one and only answer to every thought you ever think (which is YES), will make absolutely certain that your belief that you come second will be made manifest for you. This will be reflected back through your Twin in the form of them “running”, or “shutting out” the connection.

Until you can change your thought and beliefs and affirm the opposite instead, then you will continue to align yourself with the version of your Twin that complies with your misaligned vibrations.

You will never make it to Union with the belief that yourself and your Twin have some sort of barrier that blocks the relationship. You can blame your Twin Flame all you’d like, but in the end your reality is only ever a reflection of you, and until you change your vibratory state from one of lack and absence and instead to one of love and abundance, you will therefore continuously hold Union away from yourself.

Attempting to manipulate your physical reality before changing your inner thoughts and beliefs will be a fruitless act; it’s not until you change your vibratory state that you will see progress with your Twin. Neville Goddard said it best – “Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will confirm the change.”

The good news is that the instant you begin to change your vibration, is the instant that your circumstances shift to match your new attitude. I have seen many Twin pairs experience massive shifts in as little as 3 days, simply by changing the thoughts and beliefs that they were affirming to themselves.

Trust that no matter what things look like now, you have complete control over what the next moment in time looks like. You must completely shut out your current circumstances and instead focus on what you wish to experience with your Twin instead, and trust that your new thoughts and beliefs will cause you to align with the version of your Twin that is ready for Union with you.

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